October 18, 2008
By Savannah Schoon SILVER, Park City, Utah
Savannah Schoon SILVER, Park City, Utah
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I have plenty of embarrassing moments, but there is one specific event that I will never forget.

Last year, I was going swimming with my friend at the Kamas Pool. We had been practicing our tricks off the diving board, and we wanted to practice some more at the Kamas Pool. We got to the pool and began our twists and twirls. We were doing back flips, front flips, back dives, front dives and more.
It was so much fun flying through the air and spinning around. It felt like flying. We having a ton of fun and we decided to take a break and just go down the slide and hang out for a while.
We had been in the pool for a couple hours and we were getting tired so we decided to get ready to go, but first we wanted to do some more tricks before we left.
There was a really long line to get to the diving boards. My friend went to the low dive, and I went to the high dive. We were both going to do back flips as our last trick. The line for the high dive went by much faster than the low dive. I walked up the steep steps. I got a really weird feeling at first. I thought I was hungry, but then I knew it was something else. I put it in the back of my mind and turned around at the edge of the diving board.
I could feel the heavy eyes of all the people weighing my body down. I started getting nervous, but I bent my knees and jumped. I felt the feeling of relief. I hit the water and I thought everything went fine, but then I could hear people gasping and saying, “Are you ok!!!” I didn’t think anything was wrong. Hmm. Then it hit me. My face was throbbing. It felt as if I had been hit with a clipboard with as much force as possible. Everything blacked out for a second then I could see everything again. I had hit my face on the diving board when I did the flip. I got out of the pool as fast as possible and hurried away from all the people staring. My friend was rushing behind me. I went to the locker rooms and looked at the damage. Surprisingly, it wasn’t that bad for what had happened. I had the biggest fat lip…but other than that, it was fine. After a week, the fat lip went away but then we figured out that my nose was crooked from hitting my face so hard.

I was so embarrassed that day, but now I think it is a funny story. That was a moment I will never forget.

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