Why we should end bullying

November 15, 2013
By Ryu13 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Ryu13 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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Hey, what I’ve come to tell you is that we should end bullying period. Not only is it both wrong and painful for the victim; it also one of, if not the, lowest point a person can go when being with another. Now I have seen, I have heard, and I have experienced some bullying, but I have not gone through so much that the victims of the worst of it experienced. Some of these have led to death. According to an article I read, there have been many cases of suicide, all of which was caused by bullying. An example from the article is, “In the Florida case, Rebecca Sedwick, 12, of Winter Haven jumped to her death on September 9 from the top of an abandoned concrete plant. Authorities said 14-year-old Guadalupe Shaw was Rebecca's chief tormentor, even posting a Facebook message about it.”
Bullying does not just affect the victims; it also affects their school work and family life. It affects the school work by distracting them enough to lower their grades; sometimes to the point of failing the class. At times the victims of bullying bury themselves in their schoolwork to distract themselves from it. It affects the home life by either causing their relationships with their family to deteriorate or have said family to worry excessively over the victim. Sometimes the victim’s families never know about the bullying until it is too late to help. At other times, the victim’s families know about the bullying, but just do not care that it is happening or they believe that it will be stopped soon. There are times when those that believe it will stop soon are right, but those are few and far between.
There are many types of bullying, but they all have the same purpose. That purpose is to harm an individual or group in some way based on looks, sexual orientation, size, gender, age, looks, religion, race, or their relationships. This can happen to anyone at anyplace including: around school, going to or from school, at someone’s neighborhood, and even the internet! Sometimes the bullying is physical: hitting someone, spitting at or on someone, and/or tripping or pushing someone, sometimes it is verbal: teasing, name-calling, inappropriate sexual comments, taunting, and/or threats to cause harm, and at others it is social: purposely leaving someone out of the group, telling others not to befriend someone, spreading rumors about someone, and/or embarrassing someone in public. The most recent type of bullying is cyber bullying, which is bullying with the use of social media and the internet.
Most of the time, the bullies are bullying others because they are jealous of what their victims have that they do not have. There are times, however few they are, where the bullies do not even know that they are bullying anyone at all. They just think that they are joking around! It does not matter if the bully in question is doing this on purpose or is just joking around, because this still hurts the victim.

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