The Trip That Tought Me About Friends

October 17, 2008
By Billy uhrig, Sidney, NE

As I walked through the door people where running around crazy; I sat my stuff down and looked around and realized Justin was talking to me I snapped into it and said, “ What, what did you say,” he responded hesitantly, “did you bring your game and guitar,” I looked down thought for a moment and jumped and said, “Dang!! I forgot!!” as I took off running out the door and across the field he caught up with me I told him in short breath, “Mike has my Aerosmith game we need the stop there, he’s response was a short quick nod as we ran through the knee-high prairie grass. When we got to my house I quickly ran in and grabbed a guitar and ran out the door before anyone could even react. As I got to the street we took off again running down it and I started digging in my pockets for my phone when I finally found it I dialed Mickey’s number as he answered on the first ring I said, “ we’re on our way meet us at the bottom of the hill” and hung up my phone. When we got back to his house we had just enough time to throw our bags in to the van and get in before his parents where ready to leave.

When we arrived at McDonalds Justin and I decided to go over to DQ to talk to our bosses and get some lunch. We ordered our food and waited when Todd called our number we rushed up and grabbed our food and started running to the McDonalds parking lot. On the way it started to drizzle but it was of and on so I wasn’t really worried. When we arrived at the van we realized that Gavin and his to brothers Harley and Alex where riding up to Lincoln with us.

After we all got loaded up we left Sidney but before we hit the on ramp the Thurows where already hooking up the ps2 to the little TV that was in Justin’s van; the first game request was Guitar Hero 3 witch turned out to be fairly difficult to play in a moving van, but we had no problems having fun. Though we all laughed (and some of us slept) I know that the ride up there so far was really entertaining. When I came to I realized that Gavin was wide awake and concentrated on the TV I turned to him and asked in a droggy voice, “What are you playing,” “ Metal Gear Solid 3” his response came in a murmur as his concentration just peaked its highest. When I finally was really awake I realized it was pouring as I looked out the windows it was hard to see the cars passing us. When we came to the turn off the rain was lighter now and we decided that Steve wasn’t there yet so we could go to Wal-Mart then to a restaurant to pass some time. When Steve finally arrived when checked in and went to the room for sleep which I knew wouldn’t come till morning.

Then Saturday came along I was tired but I managed to stumble around and get dressed and make it to competition on time. After reciting my part in a very droggy voice me and 5 of my friends decided we wanted to go to the mall which was about 3 miles away. When we arrived at the mall Gavin Alex and I took of to the nearest store which was Gamespot. Then Branden and I went to Hot Topic where I got a new shirt. Then all of us made a trip to Spencesers where I got 3 new belt buckles. Then we all went outside and hurried our way back to the hotel to eat and get ready for a wild afternoon.

At lunch we got the word to go and get prepared for paintball which I never have done before. When the buses arrived we all scrambled on there and started out of Lincoln headed for the interstate. Once we got there the people told us about the location and gave us the guns and masks. I took off from my gate a little late because my gun was having a little problems but when it started I was on the hunt.

Me and 2 other guys crossed the bridge and headed for the enemy’s base but we got caught up in a gun fight along a little strip; all we had was a few pallets with sheet metal on them, high grass, and trees. We were pinned down as I shot a look towards the others they new just as well as I did that reinforcements weren’t coming. The one in black was lying in some high grass and the one with brown on was slowly advancing forward as I sat against a pallet taking a few glances to check up on them I was there leader and they new it but I couldn’t help them the enemy was out of range and I was pinned.

In a blink of a eye it happened my attention was on the enemy as I herd “hit!!, Hit” I looked in the direction of the cry and the one in black was standing up walking away that was my chance I took of with almost unnatural like speed and ran up between the pallets as paintballs whizzed by I dove for cover just in time as I heard paint cover the other side of the pallet.

This was his chance and he new it there fire was all directed on me and the one in brown dove for cover closer to the enemy I could see them now there was about 10, 10-2 those where some tough odds but I wasn’t going down without a fight I went into a prone position and angled my body and opened fire. The fire was stopped and I new I hit one or two. But the firing came back and with vengeance but not on me on the other one then there was a cry “Hit! Hit!!” and then I knew that I was all alone I gave it my all. paint was covering there bunker as I let it all go then it came like pouring rain I rolled out of the way just in time to hear what sounded like hundreds hitting the metal and the ground.

I held my ground and when it slew down I rolled over again and fired this time though they were ready they didn’t care if they got hit there goal was to take me out I stood my ground not rolling out of the way I let it loose but after a few seconds I was stricken in pain as I yelled, “Hit!, Hit!” and just like that the battle was over they one. I hung my head in shame because I knew that they could advance without problems. But as I crossed the bridge a brigade of my team was crossing it and they were on there was to take out the forces.

When I got down replenishing my ammo I went running out because word spread that our base was taken this wasn’t going to stand as I sprinted to some cover I found about 8 people surrounding our base this I knew was going to be a battle to remember as the ref shouted, “5 seconds” I knew I had to make a stand I jumped out of cover and opened fire on the enemy then the others join. With 2 seconds to spear he shouted, “Hit!! Hit!!” our base was ours again as we ran to take stations fire opened up on us we all took cover and held our positions and we opened fire back then I stopped as I peeked over I seen someone and waved and they waved back it was our team they saved us.

Now back at the hotel we all had some battle wounds, but they couldn’t stop us we had dinner in about a hour and we all needed showers so we went to our rooms and took nice relaxing showers.

This trip was a lot more exciting with a lot more friendship but I thing I got my point across when I say you can’t not have a good time with your friends around and this trip made me understand that.

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