Nothing goes right for me

October 17, 2008
By Rachael Thompson, Jim Thorpe, PA

The day I found out my grandpa died, I didn't find out by words at first. I came home from school. I was in 8th grade at the time, and my step-dad told me to get ready to go down to grandmas' house. Only It wasn't the same as usual. I could tell something was wrong, and I had a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach.
When we got in the car I noticed Rick, my step dad, looked a little more down than usual. I remember how I kept asking my mom and him what had happened,what had gone wrong. When they would not tell me, I just started crying. Then I had a feeling something had gone wrong with my Grandma Freda or Grandpa Jozy, so I started crying more. We were about half way there when I finally stopped crying.
When we pulled up at the house, there was a bunch of cars I had never seen there before. When we finally went into the house, I noticed that my grandpa was not around. I kept looking for him in both living rooms and all through the rest of the hours. Then I finally heard one of the grown ups say that he had suffered three heart attacks at the same time and had passed away. I felt bad. My grandma was in the dinning room talking about how much his grave would cost and that it would be located near their church that they went to every Sunday. The family was busy setting up the funeral and trying to figure out the date and what time it would be around. When my grandma came out of the other room, she looked so depressed, but who could blame her. She had just lost her husband and her best friend. I remember she ordered a bunch of beautiful flowers to put around his casket.

The day of the funeral there was a bunch of people cramped into one building.We walked more back in to the building there was my grandpas' casket open with him dressed really nice in his suite,how he used to dress for church every Sunday.The way my step-dad looked at him and reached out for his hand halfway crying. I was trying so hard not to burst out crying at least not in front of my step-dad when he was already half in tears I didn't want to make the situation worst. The preacher in a black suit came up and told us all to be seated. Then he started reading stuff about the Bible,and started talking about my grandpa these tears started falling out of my face faster and faster. Right in the middle of the speech my parents looked back they saw me crying and told me it's going to be OK. My Cousin, Kristian hugged me and tryed to help me cheer up by telling me he's in a better place. I couldn't stop crying after words my mom told me at least I cried in the right place. After their words I watched them take my grandpa, my friend away and put him into a car. Every one got in their car and drove right behind the car that was carrying my grandpa to his grave. We pulled up right beside a grave that was dug up and ready for my grandpa's casket. People stood around the dug up hole in the ground with a tarp hanging on top. They brought my grandpas' casket out of the car and put him up top the hole in the ground with supporters on the bottom of the casket. The men started pulling him into the ground and his love ones and friends covering his casket with red, pink, yellow roses. Then they started shoveling dirt on to his grave it seemed like this was my last chance to say another goodbye, a last goodbye. After words they led us out of the grave yard and to their church where there was all kinds of food and drinks. The whole building was full of my relatives some I knew, some I haven't seen in my life, but we all seemed to get along.

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