The day I got stiches

October 16, 2008
One day I was playing soccer at the back of the apartments with my friend. My friends little brother threw his hat down from the 2nd floor. My friend and I ran to the second floor to get his little brother. When we got up there my friend got his brother and told him to go inside the house.

My friend asked me if I could slide down the squared pole from the 2nd floor. I told him I could. He said “Then do it.”

I said “If you do it first.”

“Ok” he said.

He started sliding down the pole and as he was going down I got on the pole and started to slide down. The pole was coming to an end there was a sharp pies of metal sticking out it ripped my pants. I thought nothing had happened because I didn’t feel a thing. I started running up the stairs and I noticed I had a cut, so I looked in the hole I had opened my leg.

My friend went to call my big brother. When my big brother arrived he said “What happened.”

I didn’t say anything, and then he saw my leg and went to tell my dad. My dad came running fast he picked me up and took me to his car. My mom and dad got on the car fast. My dad started driving my mom asked me what happened. I said “I went down a pole with a sharp end and I cut my self on it.”

When we got to the hospital my dad picked me up fast and took me to the emergency room. We waited for 30 minutes. The doctors gave me pills to go to sleep but they didn’t work. The doctors saw that it didn’t work so they put my feet to sleep only. The doctors put stitches on my leg. On the last stitch the doctors did it wrong and it was painful.

The doctors let me rest well they told my mom what she was going to have to do. They gave my mom pills that I have to take so I wouldn’t get pain on my leg. I couldn’t walk or stand for tow weeks and a half. After the tow weeks my parents took me to the hospital. When we got there a doctor started to take the stitches of my leg. On the last stitch the doctor pulled it and made me bleed because the stitch was attached to my skin. The doctors cleaned me up. They told me that I could walk but not run or stretch my leg. I practice walking that day all day I was so happy. As you can tell my life is crazy.

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footballmanac said...
Oct. 22, 2008 at 4:49 pm
I think I know what it is like to have stitches as well and it is not very fun. Although I have never got them in the leg I have gotten then in my head tons of times. I think that the article was a good topic. It is weird how family members react to a situation that involves injuries. If I were sliding down that pole and saw the sharp I would have probably jumped off of it.
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