weird dream

October 15, 2008
By hyun-ji jun, Cincinnati, OH

When she was at home she felt very gloomy because she had nothing to do.
So she went outside and hung around her house.
Her town was very quiet. She felt very annoying.
Even though she didn’t know why she felt like this.
But anyway she decided to walk more and she wished to find someone.
Walking and walking, she finally found someone who is very young and just hanging around like her.
She asked him.
“How old are you” and he said.
And he kept silence and just watched sky.
She was upset about his short reply about her question.
But anyway she kept trying to talk with him. But he didn’t answer. Finally he told her
“Do you want to come to my house?”
She felt weird but because she was boring she followed him.
About 10 minutes to walk she can find very big house and he stopped that house and said,
“Come inside” so she came inside, there were lots of people and suddenly everyone stared like she is an alien.
The women who looked like the boy’s mom said,
“Who is she?” he didn’t answer just go inside room and wanted her to wait.
And he came out with a man who looked like his brother and the man said
“What’s your name, and why are you here?”
She wanted to say something that she was lonely and she wanted to find someone and her name is Jessica but her mouth was not moved. And even her body was not moved.
She was very scared. She even couldn’t blink her eyes.

“Wake up, Jessica~!!!” “Wake up Jessica!!”
“You have to go to the school~! Wake – up”
Finally she aware that it was dream, weird dream….

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