rafting trip

October 13, 2008
A couple summers ago me and my family went on a rafting trip down the Colorado River threw the Grand Canyon. We drove there from where we lived in Scottsdale it was a like a 4 or 5 hour long drive. When we got there their was a really bad hotel there. It was owned by a bunch of Indian people. But that was the only place to stay within like 30 miles. When we got are room smelled like someone took a crap in are room. And also the door to the room was open. When we went in there the trash cans where full of beer. The bathtub had a bunch of hair in it. And there was mouse poop every where. And there was a couple dead mice lying around. It look liked someone had a party with some mice then killed them. After that we went and got a different room. This room was better than the last one. Then we went to dinner with all the other people on the rafting trip. The food was really good there. Then after dinner we went and watched the Stanley Cup Finales. Then we went to bed we and my uncle shared a room. When we where sleeping I heard him yelled and he said something crawled across his legs. When we got up we ate and went down to the docks where the raft is. When we got on the raft we went down the river and introduced ourselves to everyone on the boat. Our guides where named John and Mike who climbed Mount Everest twice. That rafting trip was so fun there where small rapids and huge rapids. And the food they made us was surprisingly good. And one of the night when we where sleeping a sandstorm hit us and we woke up covered in sand. And during one of the big rapids a guy on are trip almost fell off then we arrived at our destination and we where helicoptered out of the canyon and we flew back to a small airport and we took a small plane to where our car was and that is how our tripped ended

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