Grades, Trips, and Nail Polish

October 13, 2008
It’s one thing to love school. It’s a totally different ball game to hate school. I, unfortunately, am in the hating game. I’ve always envied those who love it, or can make themselves seem to. Like Missy Mclenan. She’s the girl. Straight A’s, popular, She’s a smiler. Unbelievable! You should see the guys hang on her. Ok maybe you shouldn’t. I’m sure you could imagine it.
Ok well, on that note maybe if I smiled and tried for A’s I could have guys hang on me too. Or maybe not…but hey I get mostly B’s, with some C’s. Ok and being totally honest, some D’s and F’s, but somehow I doubt the guys care about her grades.
Good gosh, right now my science teacher, Mr. Pingle, is trying to recruit members to go on the Biological Garden trip. Ha! It’s slightly amusing. He’s like, “I don’t know why some of you other girls aren’t considering going. It’s kind of a long ride down there, but take a pillow and rest on the way down and you’ll be so excited and pumped on the way home, looking in the bags of free stuff that you won’t be able to sleep!”
How can I concentrate with THAT ringing in my ears!? Ok, really. I went on that trip last year, and it was sooo boring! NEVER AGAIN, hear me! That trip would definitely be on the top ten ways to drive me crazy.

Oh look! Missy Mclenan is now volunteering…and now she is giving a prissy little speech on how wonderful it is and how great it will be to travel with Mr. P. Puulleeeze! This is going to go on for a while.

Five minutes until the bell. Seven minutes until “Beauty Class”. AKA Study Hall. There are 17 girls and 4 guys in that class, and man I feel bad for those guys! Every day the girls giddily gloat while brushing their silky smooth, butt long hair, applying make up and painting their two-inch nails. I swear, some of those girls have 15 shades of blue. And no one ever does homework. Except me, of course. I never was much into the nail polish thing. One day a girl that sits next to me was applying her 7th coat of blueberry crush, when she turned to me and asked me if she should apply some more. I looked at her funny and asked if she was sure that she had some left in her bottle. You know, I bet the guys actually like it. I shouldn’t be feeling sorry for them, should I? Oh well, some things we will never figure out. Ok most things…

Excuse me, there was the bell.

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lollygager101 said...
Jan. 16, 2009 at 6:27 am
Omg They is someone like Missy in my school. And these girls are do nails and stuff in my study hall too. Today this girl was trying to impress a boy she likes (ovbious) by singing and dancing to the Jonas Brothers on Cd and all the rest of the popular girls joined in. I hate the jonas brothers! So I left the room and stood in the hall for some quiet! That girl who was trying to impress the guy well I used to be friends with her until she became popular. Now its like I dont exhist!
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