Breaking out of Jail

October 13, 2008
By Amy Kent, Flower Mound, TX

My eyes fluttered open automatically at the low gurgling noise coming from my older brother’s throat. His snoring constantly woke me up ever since I was born, which conveniently had only been a year ago. I still didn’t understand why I had to be placed in this crib that acted like a cage when the sun went down, but for some reason every time I would place my head on my comfortable little pillow, it would magically make my eyes droop and I would slip into unconsciousness, until my brother would wake me with that awful noise, just like tonight.
My head was spinning when I woke up, I was so confused. The wooden bars of my crib were still around me, the room was still very dark, which must have meant it wasn’t time to cry for attention just yet. I suddenly realized that I never knew what happened between the times I was locked into this jail cell, and when the sun rose and I was finally allowed to roam the house, under my parent’s supervision.
I decided that tonight would be the night I would finally do something about my brothers snoring. I pulled my body up to level my face with the top most bars, and flung my chubby little legs over dropping to the soft ground below me. I was free, I couldn’t believe it! It didn’t cross my mind that I was too small to get back into my crib once I fixed the reason for my insomnia, but I continued my adventure, crawling over to the edge of his bed and pulling myself up until I was on top of his legs. I crawled toward his gaping mouth beginning to rack my brain for ways to shut him up, when out of no where his giant arm, twice the size of my tiny little body, flew through the air knocking me to the ground.
I was bewildered. Everything happened so fast. I rolled to my back, feeling my eyes well up with hot tears as my lip stung and burned. My lip was bleeding because my one and only tiny little tooth had punctured my skin. When I finally realized my lip was bleeding, I started screaming; I wanted everyone to know that something was wrong even if it was 3 o’clock in the morning. Just then my parents came running in the room and my brother jumped up, out of his slumber, and everyone’s attention was on me. I guess that everyone was very confused as to why I was laying on the floor instead of safely back in my crib. Even though all I could concentrate on was my lip, I couldn’t help but be proud that I finally made it out of my comfy padded little jail cell.

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