Death by Drowning: an Embarrassing Moment

October 15, 2008
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Once upon a time. . . In a small village high in the Rocky Mountains, there was a girl a little over the age thirteen and a half. Her name was Emily. In the middle of the summer, there was a tragic death of something she very much loved.
It was the perfect day to be at Bear Lake: the sky was blue, the water was as smooth as a large piece of glass, and the lake had a small number of boats on it. My family and I set forth on our Sea Ray 175, with the engine roaring! So far everything was perfect! I had gotten up on our wakeboard three times! We were getting ready to have a delicious lunch of turkey and tomato sandwiches with chips on the side. Just before lunch, I had been texting my friend about our locker decorations, but I had left my phone at the front of the boat. I thought I would text her again after I had eaten.
I just barely finished lunch and was headed towards the front of the boat to retrieve my phone. I had my phone in one hand and a pack of strawberry Yogos in the other. Well, I guess holding your phone over the edge of the boat while situating yourself isn’t a great idea, because in the act of doing this my phone dropped into the lake. I sat there in horror as I watched my beloved phone sink to the bottom of that beautiful lake. I was too shocked to move.
My sister turned to look at me after she heard the “thunk” of my little blue phone. She asked in a questioning tone, “Was that your phone?”
I responded with a panicked “yeah”; my voice was to shaky too say much more. I could feel hot tears streaking my face. The salty water running into my mouth as I began to sob.
After long periods of crying my family had come up with an alternative plan: I was going to use my sister’s old phone in the place of my poor little phone which was now grazing the depths of the lake never to be found again. My dad kept on making jokes like “Betty Bass calling” or “It’s the Bear Lake Monster; he wants to know if you can swim down to get your phone.” These remarks would make me blush with embarrassment; I didn’t even want to think about what my friends would say once I was back home.
After I got my sister’s old phone up and running, I immediately fell in love with all the different features. I continue to miss my old phone, but at the same time, wonder if it was fate that struck that day. Who knows, maybe I will get a call from the Bear Lake Monster.

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