Barack Obama

October 6, 2008
By Rihana Drew, Olympia, WA

“America, this is our moment. This is our time. Our time to turn the page of the policies of the past.” Said 47 year old, Barack Obama
Declaiming his won over Montana from Hilary Clinton. That the face we see today but who is the real Barack???

Barack Obama or should I say Barack Hussein Obama II was born to a colorful family. From his dad side his dad was black and from Kenya but from his mom’s side she was from the US and was attending school in Honolulu, Hawaii. That’s when Obama’s mom and dad meet. Then a couple years later had Barack on August 4, 1961. And years later he is running to be president and is the first African American to be running. Even thought he won democratic nomine for 2008 Obama still has a tuff months coming to him. That’s why his wife and two daughters have to stay by him trough this race. But this isn’t Obama’s first time running in politics. Actually he has had lots of practices. He’s has been senator for Illinois. Also Obama tried running for congress men one time in 1999 and went against Rush, but lost cause he was in Hawaii to go take care of his deadly sick daughter. As Obama was in Hawaii he missed out on a voting on gun control. So Rush saw it as a perfect opportunity to use it against Obama. So Obama lost.

Next, when Obama was born his dad left at a very young age to get his PHD in Boston. So when Obama’s dad could not afford to move his family up with him his parent got a divorce. Years later Obama’s mom got remarried to a guy and at six Obama’s family moved to Indonesia. Then his mom and his stepdad had a kid of there own which gave Barack a half sister and they named her Maya. After awhile Obama’s mom wanted her kids to grow up in the US. So when Obama was 10 he moved in with his grand parents. Then when Obama came back to the US he was put in a prep school. Obama didn’t feel like he belonged at his school cause he was one of few black guys at school so as Obama got older he started to experiment with drug/ alcohol. After a few years Obama had to get his head strait a focus on his future. When he got out of high school he got a scholarship to Occidental College in los angles. Then a year later he transferred to Columbia University in New York.

Then two years later he got into Harvard law school and became president of law review. After he got out of Harvard he worked in law in Chicago. He did that for a while and then became a community organizer for project vote. Then he met his wife Michelle, who is in law too, and right after they got married Barack went to Kenya. When he was in Kenya he went saw his dad’s family who he barely knew. Also he went saw his dad’s grave and just started crying. Because he never had a chance to meet his dad before he died. Then after his trip to Kenya was over him and his wife had two beautiful kids over the years. Then Barack decided to write two books that were top sellers and were out of copies by the first week. Which he won Grammys for both of the audio books.
Then in 1996 he ran for senate in Illinois and won! As his new job as senate he wrote 20 pieces of legislation that were passed as new laws. Then in 2004 he ran as US senate and won by 70% of the votes. And know he is demo. Nomine.

“Americans... still believe in an America where anything's possible - they just don't think their leaders do.” Says democrat nomine, Barack Obama as giving a speech that has touched everyone. As the crowd cheers Obama on as they see what great leader he can become. And how he can relate to all of us in some way.

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