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November 6, 2013
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There has been much controversy on whether where you live, who raises you or your genes has a bigger effect on how you turn out to be when you become older and ready to make decisions on your own. In my opinion I think your parents have a big effect affect on which you will be later in your life. The angel child or the devil child.

But others beg to differ. Some even say all can have a toll on a person. Or even that it could be in your genes, already planned out whom you will be. But some research shows that were you live does effect you. They say that the culture and nature of the place you live in leaves a mark on you. For example growing up in a country area would be totally different then living in a city. However the question is do your genes have more of an influence on who you will be as opposed to the area where you live.

Another study shows that your genes also have a big effect on you. But you can do things to change your genes. Although people do ask the question is my personality and livelihood based of my genes like a disease would be. The answer is difficult but it is yes. But you can modify your genes as well. Say if you were going to smoke that would change your genes to have a more prominent head towards gaining cancer. In reality when you smoke you’re shutting down your defense against fighting cancer. It is the same for having a healthy lifestyle eating the right foods give you a positive attitude. Loosing fatigue, body fat, sickness and other areas that affect your emotional status. If you are heavy and unhappy with you’re appearance you will have a negative outlook.

It seems as though genes do have a stronger effect on which you are. The next study was on twins. Twins that had never met before living in different states/ countries still had the same likes dislike and even the same daily routine! Not to mention they both married a woman with the same name divorced the woman and remarried a woman with the same name. And also got headaches at the same time of day.

After viewing all the research I think it is safe to say minor things could change your DNA. But who you were meant to be will always come up in the lead. This closes this case. Genes seem to have the strongest hold on your life, body wins.




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