How to Drive

October 10, 2008
By Anonymous

The ability to drive dwells from within. Learning how to drive does not require a degree. All you need to know is safety procedures, how to begin and what to do while driving.

Safety Procedures

First and foremost, always wear your seatbelt because in many car wrecks the person wearing a seatbelt lives. Second, you need proficient vision to see road signs and your surroundings. Third, know driving rules and regulations; for example what a stop sign or yield sign or speed, limit sign means. Forth check to see if your tires contain air. Proper tire inflation insures the car handles accurately. Fifth, make sure the emergency brake is not on for it causes damage to the car if you drive with it on. Sixth, inspect your brake lights and headlights to see if they operate correctly. Seventh, never drink and drive and stay off your cell phone because it impairs your ability to react to a situation that could cause you or someone else to become seriously injured.
Before Leaving Driveway

To begin driving or in other words to make the car move you first need to push your right foot down on the brake, holding it down. Then insert the car key into the designed hole and turn it to start the engine. After that, turn on your lights (may not apply to all vehicles some cars turn the lights on automatically). Next, adjust the steering wheel so you can see out the front windshield. Move the gearshift handle to “drive” (D). In some cases, you may need to back up which requires moving the gearshift handle to “reverse” (R).

During the Drive

When you are driving, you need to know the following. First, take your right foot off the brake and ease it onto the gas pedal. As soon as the brake is released, the car may begin moving - be ready. Grip the steering wheel firmly but not too tightly. While driving stay on your side of the road, the right side, by gently turning the wheel to the left or right as necessary, never jerk! If you come upon a stop sign or stoplight simply ease off the gas, then begin slowly pressing down on the brake at about twenty feet from the stop sign or stoplight. This action gradually brings you to a complete stop. During your drive, you most likely will need to make a turn. To turn, find your blinker lever (usually located on the left side of the steering wheel) and push it up to signal a right turn or down to signal a left. Rotate the wheel about 45°- 80° to the left or right to make the turn. Then straighten the wheel back to its original “forward” position. Just remember to always keep calm and take deep breaths if needed and make the road a safe place for everyone.

First, watch approximately fifty feet in front of you; do not look right in front for you may not see all you need to. Second, only use your right foot to push both pedals if you use both it might result in pushing the gas and brake at the same time.

By following these procedures will insure your ability to successfully drive a vehicle!

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