A Day at My Grandparents' House

October 12, 2008
By JP Gaskin, Atlanta, GA

Early in my childhood, when I was about four years old, I loved to go to my grandparents’ house. There was always something fun to do: coloring, watching movies with my grandma, or searching through the junk drawer for an interesting item to play with. Now, as my grandfather is dying of cancer, I think back to the time I spent with him and my grandmother and how that time has changed my life.

When I was about four years old, my mom would take me to my grandparents’ house almost every day while she took care of my one year old sister. I loved going to my grandparents’ house; there was always a snack waiting for me on the kitchen table, and the aromatic scent of that night’s dinner hung pleasantly in the air. I would walk in the door and give my grandma a huge hug, telling her how excited I was to be with her. She would lead me into the kitchen where my snack was sitting on the table. We would talk about the new Mr. Rodgers episode while I ate, and when I finished we would play Candy Land or I would say hello to my grandpa, who worked from home in the office/ bedroom. My grandpa would let me play Solitaire on his computer, always giving me hints when I missed a good move.

One of my favorite things to do at my grandparents’ house was to search through the junk drawer and find the little round tin which held a tiny hammer and some nails. My grandpa would give me a board and I would hammer nails into it, pretending I was a carpenter. Another of my favorite pastimes was taking a large ball of string and designing elaborate trip-wires throughout the house. My grandma would always laugh as she stepped over my trip-wires and say that the house would always be safe from burglars. Both my grandma and grandpa had a great sense of humor and would always make me laugh by telling a joke or a funny story.

Although I am older now and don’t spend much time with them anymore, the time I spent with my grandparents as a young child instilled in me the knowledge that I am always loved. They also taught me that hard work, inventiveness, and perseverance are qualities that make one stand out in a crowd. I love my grandparents, and I am very thankful to them for their influence on my life.

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