Bryce the Underclass Hero

October 11, 2008
By Nickalous Babics, Woodstock, OH

My character in modern day Canterbury Tales would be an independent person who comes off as a little cocky, but yet has a loving side. This character’s name is Bryce a laidback 18 year old who just graduated high school, and believed the world was his playground. He felt he was an annoyance to his fellow classmates and somewhat of an outcast. Due to his abstract thoughts and outgoing behavior he was the go to guy or the one people looked up to. Never afraid to admit his flaws because he didn’t have many he wouldn’t share.
A man who showed his independence and love of freedom, no matter what the world thought of him because he already realized his dreams and had his motivations. A man who was never looking for trouble, yet it came knocking at his door. He was the rebel when restricted. He believed life to be one huge adventure and life was nothing more than a journey down the right or wrong path, that choice was up to you. He believed in rights, no matter the orientation, sex or color of the person. Bryce discovered his sexuality, his senior year of high school, and didn’t seem to care what others thought about him.
The truth be told, the true problem was Bryce was a free man, who took a year off before starting college, yet was very confused in how the world worked. With his amazing smile, ability to help others, intelligence and determination was what Bryce used to fight his battles. He found himself as an independent fighting for what he thought were his rights. He though the government was wrong for taking the rights of a person. He having a different sexuality or view of enforcement of animal rights was strong issues for him. He was the wise attractive man, who hid behind his obnoxious, insecure behaviors. His symbol is the pencil behind the ear; he was always looking for the story to be found. For it was his childhood dream of majoring in journalism. Now stuck in a world, a Toy box, seeming an endless mess, was his choice to climb right in or try to pull his feet out. A long and hard journey, but well worth his time.

The character joined a group of strangers, headed toward the real world. The journey was filled with a mixture of wide variety of different people. The journey consisted of 30 people and was a long journey to be dealt. With the ups and downs; they were on a journey of truly figuring out who they are. They were on a journey filled with a test of endurance, patience and friendship. Strain and endurance shall test those who are true to the cause, and the fight shall be worth all of the hardships and friendships to come.

The story of Bryce is not long, yet not too short, either. It is a tale filled without the usual tale of freedom and bravery, instead a typical everyday person’s tale. Bryce starts the story out by saying “Hmm…Let’s see, ahh yes the story begins with, I remember the day so found and glorious as if it were yesterday.” He pauses and rubs his chin, and says the story I shall tell will captivate your mind and heart. It would be my final year of schooling, since that is the time I came out of the so called “closet” it was dealt with hardships and gratitude, yet I’ve never told my parents or family.
First to tell were very close friends, and I scared with fear and thoughts that filled my heads that my friends would not accept me for who I am. After I told my best friend, he was accepting and actually joking about it. The only true problem was I was actually starting my final year of high school, and would soon figure the harsh and rash behavior from the unaccepting peers. See I was never the one who cared what others thought, and always accepted everyone no matter their case. But, truth be dealt that I was still a human and it still stung. I may wander and laugh with friends, but deep down I was hurting for the torture and names I’ve been called truly will weep the heart with sadness, and telling by the tears in your eyes you already feel what I have felt over my life.
Being a silent Christian and bisexual, was not looked to be together, especially in the eyes of many at the institution. I dealt with people screaming “Burn in Hell F**!” and much worse than that, but to keep my story clean shall not say those. I received the blows and tried to be the mature one about it, but I shall say I snapped and dealt blows back. Working with administration, did nothing because they practically smacked those hands who dealt blows to me and many others. While I still today deal with the blows of being “unnormal” as they say.
But truly that is where the truth of my story began, I am a fighter, a leader for these so called “unnormal” people, I stand up and protest for what is right; no matter your skin color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, etc. I do not care if you are different, but the one thing that is truly the worst in the world is to think you are better than others, because your father is a rich owner and you have everything handed to you, but no in real life, you need to deal with problems in a professional/business-like manner and realize you will not always get what you want, no matter how rich your family may be. I am an independent, hard-working, clever human been who works for what I have and what I want. I may not be dressed twenty-four seven in Abercrombie or Aeropostale, but I accept what I have and make it work.
I may not seem like your typical leader, because when you first glance at me, you shall see a quiet, “nose in the book” kind of student, that and I act cocky. I know all of this, maybe it is an act or maybe it is truly who I am. I always go by two saying, the first one being “Don’t judge a book by its cover” and the second one is “You have to treat life like a dance floor and just dance like no one is watching.” This saying practically means, you just have to go through life not worrying or caring what others think.
If you get to know me as a friend, you will find out that truly I am the fun loving, caring, “go to” friend that is always there for someone, no matter what. In saying what I have said, I do not wish harm to those, in which has caused me pain throughout life. I am better than that and stand at a higher, mature level than one’s self. I wish them luck, because once in the real world, they shall have to deal with hardships and attacks they shall receive in life.
In saying this, you can sense the emotion I feel reliving the events, yet it is a tale worth telling to inform of how corrupt the world can be to a citizen who “sticks out,” thus after I long lived journey through the ups and downs of senior year, I managed to buckle down and pass all of my classes and SATs, and graduate with a scholarship and was accepted into college for journalism. Thus leading, to where I stand now, ranting about my tale of unfairness and as I see that sadness has touched your heart, you’ve realized why I am on this journey, that we are on. I am the kind, caring guy who seems to know where his future is headed, yet I believe I shall lead others to know their future as well. In a final word, I say thank-you for listening to my tale of treachery and sadness.

The author's comments:
My name is Nick and I am just publishing writing and photographs because I want to major in either journalism or photogrpahy or a combination of both.

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renee said...
on Oct. 16 2008 at 7:33 pm
good job nick...i like it


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