It's Still Beating

October 11, 2008
Thump. Thump. Thump. Continuously. Almost obnoxious that it refuses to give up and admit that it is too weak to move on any further in the race called life. This pride filled, sorrow coated, too compassionate, thumping thing, is my heart.
My heart bears so much emotion at times…it’s a wonder the darn thing hasn’t abandoned me and given up! I put my poor ole heart through so much stress and hell. Between the stress of balancing out my life in Jr. High, and my crappy home life, and stupid petty drama started by some so-called friends, AND being in love with someone who can’t be yours, it’s a miracle it hasn’t had an over load of stress! But, again, thump. Thump. Thump. It’s still beating.
But why is it still beating? For someone I can’t have? For stupid people who say they care but they don’t? For my dysfunctional family? No, no, no, AND no.
It’s still beating because it knows it has a chance at happiness, and peace. And that the more obstacles on life’s track, the stronger the little fellow will be. One day, hopefully, to be strong enough to stand on its own, and be happy…And content….with the person we love.
We….as in…me…and my heart…
You know the thumping thing that refuses to quit beating.

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