The boy

October 11, 2008
I saw him from across the table; his hands were beneath it, trying to hide the fact that he was texting during Homecoming dinner. As I picked at my food I stared at him, looking at every part of his face, it was delicate. I decided then that he wasn’t the average “cute” guy, he was pretty, and his face was smooth and tan, almost like a model. But the fact was he wasn’t hot, he was gorgeous, and yes there is a difference. His face was sharp but gentle at the same time, almost like a clay sculpture, where you want to touch it so badly but you’re afraid that you will wreck it. I looked at him for a while until he looked up at me and smiled. Without hesitation I smiled up at him and my best friend quickly acknowledging the interaction introduced us. The rest of the night we talked about everything, I taught him how to dance and he taught me to get lost in the night, oblivious to his actions. He had this cool way about him that made me want to melt into his arms never letting go. As always, time passed far too quickly. I unwillingly said goodbye and left the dance, knowing that I had just had the greatest night with the most amazing boy.

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