My Hectic Life

October 10, 2008
On Monday morning I got up at 6 to get ready for school. I had a small breakfast and then got in the car to go to school. When I arrived I went to my math teacher’s room. I go there every morning to get help with my homework or for test corrections. When the bell rings for first period I go to band and do nothing there for the first 20 minutes or so. Next I go to ROTC which stands for Reserved Officer Training Core. Once that class ends I go back to math and get more confusing algebra problems to do. Algebra is my worst subject I’m good at geometry though. After I escape that class I head to English to read some more about the Odyssey or to do a quiz over what we read. When I arrive home at about 4:40 I go to the computer and play some games to get away from the world for a little. When I am all relaxed and calm I go finish the homework that I know and leave the rest for tomorrow morning.

My week does repeat this over and over sometimes throwing in a Test or two. Sometimes I wonder when I will be able to go away from all of this and just join the military. You don’t need to know math or how to make chemicals when you are there. All you do is exercise and train for combat.

I have noticed that school has gotten harder over the years and that frustrates me. I know I know how to do the problems but when I want to remember a formula or something it just won’t come to me.

Now you know a little more about me and my hectic life.

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