My Sister

October 9, 2008
By Lisa Staal, Beaverdam, VA

The coolest person I know is my sister. her name is Kim and she is 9 years old. I feel that she is the coolest person in my life because she bounces to her own beat. He doesn't care what others may think of her. She knows inside she is God's child so she minds not what they say of her. Yet she still turns everyones head with her angel hair and striking blue eyes. Her girly and cute attitude makes her very lovable. But even the best sisters have their moments, and we aren't perfect. yet i love her no matter what. Through thick and thin we will always be sisters and we will stand up for each other till the day we die. my mom always says, "Friends come and go, but your sister will be your sister whether you like it or not", and she is right. My sister is the only person I'll ever trust with everything, but on thing is true and will always be true, is that we are sisters and we love each other.

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