The Pole

October 9, 2008
By Anonymous

Oooh, the tall green trees trapped in the scorching heat produced by the sun. The Pendulum was enjoyable; I’ve done it twice now. Was I going to do The Pole? My head ached like a boat rocking violently on the stormy sea. I wanted to do it just to be able to say I did. Karli jumped. She was the last person.
Laurin my counselor asked me if I wanted to do it. “I don’t know” I replied. In my mind I whispered yes. So I got up and walked over. They harnessed me in, I was a little nervous. “Belay ready” Laurin emphasized.
“Belay on” I repeated. “Climbing” I said kind of worried. “Climb on” she said in a funny voice. Before I started climbing I remember repeating to myself “Oh gosh”.
I started up, it wasn’t scary at first, but as I got higher my fear grew. Almost to the top of the pole I placed my hand one of my hands on the platform then the next hand. As soon as that moment came a fear grew threw me that I have never felt before. I pulled myself on the platform. The telephone pole started to wobble as I was crouched. “I can’t do this” I yelled. Laurin said yes you can! I burst into tears wanting to get down, and not by jumping. But once you are up you cannot come down except for one way. Jumping. When I stood up the pole was shaking. How I was going to do this, what was I thinking?
Gathering up my thoughts in my head I just decided to do it. I jumped. When I jumped my throat made a funny noise. At that moment I didn’t care about grabbing the trapeze; I just wanted to get down. What I remember is crying. Also I remember the relief when my jump was done, and I was hanging in the air by a harness. My muscles just calmed down. Jumping was an awesome feeling.
I’m incredibly glad I did this, but next year, I can promise you I will not do it again. It was scary and the glory of telling people I jumped off The Pole, was amazing. Maybe I will do it next summer, at Sky Ranch.

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