A New Language

October 8, 2008
This is so hard I'm about to cry.It's going to take yaers for me to learn all this.It's like Im learning how to speak.I try and try ,but I just cant do it.Coptic is the hardest language ever.

I went the next day to and say more things using the language.One main problem is the alphabet.For example, a p in coptic is the same shape in English, but has a different sound to it.The letter b has the same problem.I mostly get messed up with letters like that when I'm speaking one of the languages.

Their are lots of different letters that lokk like English ones, but sound different.Thats why I always get messed up when reading Coptic.I get really mad when that happens.I also have to deal with Arabic so thats even harder.Coptic is somewhat similar to the Greece language, and has some of the same alphabet.

Once, I was thinking of English words while trying to read Coptic so I got the word compltely wronge.When I get the words wrong,I get so mad because it happens all the time.The same thing happens with Arabic.I just feel like I want to die.I actually got a little used to getting messed up.

The main language that I speak is Arabic,so thats three languages that I speak.It's hard to remember all these words, but I got the hang of it.Im even learning songs in Coptic that we sing at church.Sometimes when I speak I use all 3 different languages, but I don't mean to.I guess I have to deal with that.

Those were the hardest days of my life' but it was worth it.I learned alot and I'm still learning more.I wonder what language Im learning next?My parents want me to learn french so I"M looking forward to doing that.I guess I have to deal with it just like I had to deal with the rest of the languages.

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