Time with Tymon

October 10, 2008
Tymon is cycling down the road on a blue bike. He has a jubilant smile stuck on his face as he pulls into an entrance that arches around to the exit near the vine sheltered preschool. He dismounts the bike half-way through the arch shaped parking lot, shoving his bike in the beaten bike rack. He then scrambles up the two flights of stairs of the building next to him, while keeping the smile that appeared to have been trapped on his face when riding his bike. When he enters the building, he dashes to the door and pulls the door open with diminutive force as his muscles are mostly bone. Everyone is watching as he is pushing his body into the theatre. He then rushes down the runway to greet his fellow partners backstage before the play. Putting on his blue scarf, lime-green skirt, and slimy green shirt everyone is giggling because he is wearing the worst costume of the play.
When the play starts he sees that the spotlight shines on two people. First one is wearing a blouse with a dirt brown overcoat with a maroon colored bandana over his jet black hair, looking at the other character with distaste for the other. The second person is shorter than the first, wearing about the same outfit except he has a violet overcoat and a pirate hat. After the amused looking observer gets called over to the stage, he picks up his skirt and rushes over to the stage, sliding through everyone. His mud-brown colored eyes only seeing the shadows of characters on the stage. When he gets on stage he hides under the paper like sea made for him with jet-black dyed hair, the same as the other characters on stage. When the spotlight comes up a long shadow is cast over him while he waits for his part.
He looks to the right to see replicas of pirate ships assembled out of shopping carts and construction paper. Chuckling at the site of these paint covered behemoths. Looking at the ships made his eyes hurt so he looked away for now and stared at the people on it. He was Focusing on the task at hand.
When the time was right, he jumped into midair and landed on the vessel. While this happened the crew deserted the ship in an attempt to escape. He started ripping off the make-shift mast on the poorly built boat. Then he went for the rudder and ripped it to shreds. The entire boat looked like it was massacred by one big monster, which it was. Then the seen ended and another boat came on.
This vessel was better looking than the first with more thought put in to its erection with a much sturdier mast than the first. As well as additional crew members riding beautiful craft.
It “unknowingly” entered the vicinity of the belligerent sea-monster. While the captain said his lines of the play, a puny pirate yelped as he pretended to see the sea-monster. As apart of the play, the monster had to toy with the character for a little bit then have his way with the ship. This is a shame to do so, since it was the best vessel of the play, but good things must come to an end so he leaped into the air and tore it to shreds. “Poor ship” he thought and crawled off the stage so to not be seen by the audience.
Once he got off, he watched the rest of act one to resolve without him. The daring hero of the play sets out on an adventure. Tagging along with him is the petrified, can’t believe I’m doing this, cohort.
Next scene started with the main characters strolling out calmly with all the audiences’ eyes peering up to them. They come to a halt when they spot a Mermaid sitting on a rock with her tail inching out of the water. He is so irritated with this degrading part of the play. “Why do they even put this part in the play?” he thought. That’s when the mermaid hobbled off the stage straining herself with every jump.
That’s when the next characters walk in, one stuck to the other. One is a pretend whale with a, what is supposed to pass off, Barnacle. Each of them wobbling on over to greet the other characters. One of them, as you can imagine, a blue dress while the other is wearing a forest green. While this was going on he decided to go back stairs and talk to his friends.
“Hi William,” He said to one of his friends back stage who had just been finishing a glazed doughnut and was sitting on a stool.
“Hi Tymon,” he replied when he finished his doughnut and was now licking his fingers. For a brief amount of time there was complete stillness within the room until William got up.
“I am going to verify what is occurring in the play,” he said as he was exiting the room.
“Ok,” Tymon said and watched William walk away and passed a girl in a cerulean colored dress and long silky dark brown hair. She stopped near one of the aides to see her lines. Tymon got up and walked over toward her.
“What’s going on currently?” she asked.
“It should be the whale right now,” The aide said to her. Then a little nausea flushed all over her face. She looked a little fatigued, like she wanted to go home. She then heard the reverberation of clapping coming from outside the backstage and rushed over to the curtains.
Once she left, he went back inside and ate a doughnut. It was a crispy and warm. It was golden-brown colored with a slight gleam from the glaze on it. It had slight bit of rapture to its taste. When Tymon finished his doughnut, the aide called him over to the stage.
Once he got to the aide she told him they were prepared for part three. He was curious whether if the Doughnut triggered elongated euphoria or his psyche was sluggish. After aide told him he was needed right now he dashed across the stage over to the paper sea. He could see that the theater was pitch-black and the silhouettes of people on the stage. Once he ducked under the paper sea the theater shined with vividness.
He could see one person strutting on to the stage and another following behind with misery all over his face. They walked to the middle of the stage to greet the sea dragon Tymon plays. They talk for a while then he jumps out unexpectedly and scares the one who was supercilious. The supercilious pirate run off the stage and through the curtains with one left behind. The one that stayed put, talked to him. After a while the terrified pirate came out exposing his counterfeit rapier thrusting it into the Tymon’s foot. Tymon pretended to bawl in pain. Then his alleged mother comes out from the curtains.
A not actual person played the part as the mature sea monster. She was made out of an extended broom with sea-weed type cloth covering the emaciated structure. She had ping pong balls for eyes and a burgundy- construction paper watch her climb the stairs.
Once she got to the top she talked to the pirates and told them not to liter, and as a kids play they had to be impractical about it. There was a long sequence were the pirates throw scraps everywhere, then made up for it by promising not to litter, they had their fingers crossed when they did it, and then talk to the mature sea-dragon. He popped up from behind the paper sea and said “Good bye,” to Peggy the pint-sized pirate, which by the tongue. She looked worse than the vessels that he tore down.
She than told the pirate on the stage that the other pirates were held captive, and that she had to tell them not to liter. So Tymon and the artificial Sea-dragon hid from the audience and way is the title. Then when the pirates left they threw trash everywhere and the mature sea-dragon was enraged and chased them off.
When the play was over, he exited the theatre and entered the bathroom which was down the corridor to his left. Once he came out he got himself into a picture with his friends and watched as one was leaving for Kansas City from a town known as Winfield. Then when his parents came he started to think of all the other things he was going to do that day.

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Teacher 51 said...
Oct. 25, 2008 at 12:33 am
I enjoyed your story! What great voice you demonstrated in your writing. I loved the use of adjectives. The story was well written and enjoyable. You rock!!
Red Cow said...
Oct. 18, 2008 at 4:42 pm
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