Disney Cruise

October 6, 2008
By Kashauna Pointer, Beaverton, OR

Disney Cruise

Did somebody just say Disney Cruise? That trip was so fun. Who ever hasn’t gone needs to go soon before all the tickets sell out. Here’s my story…
Nana my grandma and Pop-pop my grandpa were inside their house getting the snacks together for the trip. We were having Doritos, Capri Sun and Chocolate Chip Teddy Grams. Emoni my cousin and I were waiting in a white VW van with Auntie buckling us in our car seats. We were asking for the snack bag so that we wouldn’t be hungry along the way. My mom was not going on the Disney Cruise, instead she was going to tour Europe with Pop-pop when he got back.

Pop-pop drove from Durham, North Carolina to Savannah, Georgia to spend the night at a hotel on the water front. The next day we ate sea food on the beach. From what I can remember it was good. I believe I had popcorn shrimp. Next we stopped in Melbourne, Florida. At the hotel Emoni and I liked to swim in the pool. The next morning we drove to Cape Canaveral, Florida to catch the Disney Cruise. The cruise was three nights long. The ship was 10-12 levels high. It seemed so big because I was so small. Usually my cousin and I would go to a Disney class were we saw performances, met characters of the day, or hung out on a play structure. The one performance I remember was Peter Pan which we saw in a huge theatre. I had a really fun time all except for once when Nana and Auntie dropped Emoni and I off at the club house so that they could have a few hours to explore the ship without us tagging along. Captain Hook was the guest of the day, and was boring to us within ten minuets. Emoni and I paged Auntie and Nana to come pick us up from the club house. Needless to say they did not get their few hours to themselves.

The ship stopped in two places. The Bahamas and the Disney Private Island. In the Bahamas my cousin and I road ponies and Pop-pop lost his cap. I bet Emoni and I were laughing really hard even though it’s kind of sad. I went to a farmers market and saw interesting fruits and vegetables I had never seen before. At the straw market I saw baskets, hats, purses, and fans. At the markets the ladies were talking so fast trying to sell their handmade goods that I could not understand them. I remember people driving on the wrong side of the rode. That was confusing but for them it is the correct side of the to drive on. On the private island they had activities for kids my age, like story telling, playing games with Disney characters, and swimming in the pool. The only people on the Private Island were people that were on the Disney ship. Emoni and I played tag on the beach and threw sand in each others eyes.

Each night we ate at different restaurants. My favorite was the one with pastel colored squares all over the room with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy in a silhouette in each one. On one of the nights we had to dress up and go to a fancy restaurant to meet the captain of the ship. The walls had cream pillars decorated on them. It was also the time when I saw Mickey and Minnie all dressed up too. Mickey was wearing a tuxedo and Minnie was wearing a white dress. I was wearing a purple dress and Emoni was wearing a blue dress.

On the last night a lot of kids and parents were on the deck dancing with the Disney characters. You could not feel the ship rocking at all. It was funny to see adults dancing to children’s’ type of music. It got late and dark very quickly. Faster than what Emoni and I wanted, but be had to go to bed so that we would be refreshed for the trip back to North Carolina the next day.

On the way back to North Carolina, we stopped in South Carolina and swam in the hotel swimming pool. When we got back to Nana and Pop-pop’s house, my mom was glad to see us. I was sad that my mom did not go with us on our trip because it was so much fun. But on the other hand if I was an adult I would much rather go tour Europe.

This trip was long and filled with excitement. I hope you get a chance to go on the Disney Cruise because I know you will enjoy it as much as I did.

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