Another Flight?

October 6, 2008
By Abby Schamp, Portland, OR

“Take off!” I whispered as we lifted off the ground.

“Yes,” my Mom replied.
“How long is the flight?”
“The flight to London is nine hours,” My Mom said sighing.

“Why is it so long?” I whined.

My mom said, “Why don’t you get a head start on that school work.”

“Why would I do that?” I asked.

“You promised that you would do all your work if you were to be home schooled for forth grade.”

“Ya, ya, ya.” What a ride. I didn’t get a single word down on my work. Well not surprising. Five days in London! I had only been out of the county a couple times to Canada. And now, I was only nine hours away from London. I was so young and excited, I couldn’t even dream of what’s after that. So, the trip continued.

“Abby, its nine, you need to go to bed,” my Mom said.

“No, I can stay up for seven more hours,” I replied with my usual peppiness.


“No.” Of course, and hour later I was out cold. I was nine, what would you expect? I did wake up every hour or so though. But, I slept.

As I was sleeping, I felt a tap on me. I slowly drifted back to the world, and heard, “Were landing.” I jumped up, and looked excitedly out the window. London! Then next few days went as a blur for me, but it was fun. My favorite was when we went to the museum of natural history. I found the perfect postcard, and sent it back to my dad. He had to stay at home. I wanted to go strait to the mummy exhibit. After all, I knew in the back of my mind in three days, we would head to Egypt. King Tut was lying there, in wrapped linen. Gross, yet cool. Typical of a child my age.

On the plane to Egypt. Another flight, for me to annoy my mom. How exciting! In Egypt, I went to the pyramids of Giza. I was so excited, because we were going inside. Inside, it was hot, smelly, and cramped. You were trailing the person in front of you by two inches. The person behind you was trailing you. Coming out of the pyramid was a trail of people squished into you. It went on like this, for what seemed like forever. Then, we got into a large chamber, with a very high ceiling, and blank, dark, gray walls. Engraving was on the walls for what seemed like forever. Then, as I was walking around, I saw a raised platform. It had to be important. I tugged at my mom’s hand saying, “look at that, let’s go see it.” We pushed are way up, and saw, in the middle of this, there was a rectangular hole, just the right size for a coffin. I concluded that was the grave. Gosh, it was amazing to think the second biggest pyramid of Giza was only for that. I dawned on me just how important he must be. But, eventually we had to leave, partly because we were almost fainting because of heat, and we went out, to the hot sunny, sandy, dessert.

In Cairo, we also went to the Egyptian museum. King Tuts things were on display. He had toe covers, finger covers, and elaborate jewelry.

We also went on a Felucca. There was a big mattress to lie on, and the mast was at the front of the boat. We went swimming off the boat, in the river. It was fun, although there was a lot of current so I couldn’t go out far. The lunch was really good.

We also went on a camel ride. It was really bumpy. I felt bad for the camel, so I got off and walked it. How funny. In the days following we saw various sights of Cairo.
Eventually we traveled on a train. From the outside, the train looked old and rusty. Inside, it wasn’t that bad. There were nice seats. You couldn’t go to the bathroom in the station, because there was a whole to the ground below all the toilets. Nothing got saved onboard. After arriving at our new hotel, we went to a dinner on the roof. The entertainment was great. There was an Arabian man who folded towels, one into a baby and the other into a ball. A Marcher got people to come, and they danced in a circle. I was picked. Then, folk dancers came. After this, a camel came out with its trainer. They danced, but then the camel unexpectedly died. The owner tried to get it up, but it wouldn’t come. Then, I got picked to come up. I had to kiss the camel, and then it started to get up. I had to keep kissing it till it was up, and standing. I ran back to my seat. My mom told me it was time for bed.

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This article has 2 comments.

Mako Spoony said...
on Oct. 15 2008 at 2:26 pm
That is awesome! I love it

brialoops101 said...
on Oct. 15 2008 at 2:20 pm
it was really good abby! i loved it!!!! keep up the good work


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