A Rainy Day at the Baech

October 6, 2008
A Rainy Day at the Beach

I step onto the beach, barefoot, letting the moist gritty sand slide between my toes,
I hear the white seagulls cawing,
And the lifeguards blowing their silver whistles on top of the guard towers,
With the paint crumbling off due to water damage.

I purchase a chocolate-vanilla ice cream and let it slide coldly down my throat,
The delicious chocolate is soon overtaken by the overwhelming vanilla,
I finish the luscious ice cream and continue exploring the beach.

The clouds start to move in, blocking the sun’s rays,
The beach has suddenly become a cold, dark place,
Thousands of feet above me rain starts to fall from the dark coluds,
Splashing on me, seconds later.

I sit in the rain, letting it fall around me,
A few clouds burst and hundreds of gallons hurtle towards the ground,
I walk back to the car,

Get in,

Close the door,

And watch the rain run down the windows.

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