September 19, 2008
By Liz jensen, Boise, ID

It was about four or five o’clock in the morning, the air was chilled, and I was peacefully sleeping. Then, out of nowhere, I feel a gentle shake. I started to wonder what it is. It’s me… but I’m being shook. I am also being told to wake up. Who is shaking me? Why is this person shaking me? Oh, it’s just my grandma; she seems to be saying something to me. She saying something to me very quickly, but I can’t concentrate on what she was saying, I’m just too tired. My grandma opens the front door of the house and my dad is outside, and he says something to me, but again, I just cannot focus at the time being. The whole time, all I could do is wonder what was going on. I got into my dad’s car, and I see my grandmother from the corner of my eye, waving good-bye. Then a thought came to me: “But where am I going?”

I fell asleep again, and when I woke, it hit me like a slap in the face. I was at a hospital, which only meant one thing… The baby was being born! Once I stepped through the hospital door, I became overwhelmed with anxiety and joy; I just could not believe my stepmother was finally having her baby girl! It felt like this day would never come, but now, here we are!

I walk into the hospital, into the waiting room, and sit there. And wait. My younger siblings, other family members, and I wait in the waiting room for what seemed like an entire lifetime! Then, I see my dad, and I knew…the baby was born. I was so full of happiness, I wanted to scream and yell and cheer, do cart wheels and jump up and down the hallways! However, all I could do was smile as hard and wide as I possibly could, then make mouth smile even wider until my lips turned bright cherry red, and started to sting and burn from smiling so hard!

I look over to my new baby sister, and gaze into her bright blue eyes, her full head of wavy brown hair, and soft rosy cheeks blanketing her quiet face. She was so adorable, and I was so proud; it almost felt like emotions I have never felt in my whole life. I was speechless and amazingly, I was able to barely whisper her name, “Kymberly”

The author's comments:
i wrote this peice to show the feelings you get when a new family member is born, and how i felt when it happened to me.(when my baby sister was born.)

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