Viva Mexico

October 6, 2008
By Lizzy Allen Allen, Portland, OR

“1, 2, 3 jump!” I felt my stomach tingling while I jumped off the bridge. Two years ago I lived in Mexico. This was my fifth grade year. I made my best friend for life there, learned the “Mexican way”, and now I speak pretty good Spanish. Every summer I try to spend it with Ericka, my Mexican sister, my BFF. Last summer she went to live three weeks with me in the states, and this summer I went to live a month with her. My family went down with me for two weeks. During these weeks I went knee skating in my room, jumped off a mini bridge, and chilled at the resort.
Every day when my family was there we went to the beach and swam in the nice, gentle, water, and pretty much just chilled out for the first time in my whole summer. One day we invited some friends to come over and I was so not excited. I must have been on sleeping pills without knowing it because I was the most tired I have been in my whole life, so I was not so enthusiastic for my friend to come over.
When my friend and her family got to my house they had bathing suits on because my house has a pool. I was too tired to swim, but nobody else really cared. Within minutes we were on our way to the resort where there is amazing snorkeling.
I was a little more awake when we got to “the rock”. I always am up for snorkeling. Trust me, if you snorkeled where I do, you would feel the same. So I dove in. Ouch! I scraped my knee on the rock and it was bleeding so I got out to look at it. Before long everyone was out of the water because the family we were with didn’t really know how to swim, like many Mexicans. I was feeling kind of bummed out because I didn’t get the chance to swim like everyone else.
As we were walking back on the golf course, my friends brother, Mauricio, started telling us about how one time he and his friends off the little bridge that goes over a little deep stream. I, being disappointed about not being able to go snorkeling, wanted to jump off so bad! So I begged my mom to at least let me go look at it. She finally agreed and when we got there Mauricio hurled himself off before I even knew what was going on. I thought it looked like so much fun I went as soon I could bring myself to do it.
It was so much fun! It was the most fun I had the whole trip so far! Once I jumped the first time, I couldn’t stop! I jumped off another twelve times! A few times I did it holding hands with someone. One time we all jumped at the same time, and when I say everyone, I mean like three families!
Everyday I came back to the bridge, I asked to go back to the bridge. We just didn’t find time to go back.
A few days later my family left. So I was staying with Ericka and her family. The first few days I thought I was going to kill myself because Ericka’s dad had to work in the day so Ericka and I just had to sit around doing nothing.
After 4 days of nothing, Ericka’s mom came in town, and we started having fun. One night, we had two friends over and we stayed up in the pool till six in the morning! On the night before I left, we had some friends over, so all eight of us crammed into one car and we drove to the hotel. At the hotel there is a pool and we started to swim at like ten o’clock. After a while of playing and messing around, we got bored and some of us wanted to go jump off the bridge. So at like ten thirty, we all decide to go jump off the bridge. After we got to the bridge, we started talking about who was going to go first. I had remembered from earlier that trip that my mom had said she didn’t want me ever to be the first to jump so wasn’t allowed to go first. We waited for a while for the two oldest kids to jump because there was the kind of plankton that glows in the dark and they were a little scared.
Finally they jumped! Once they came up alive I could jump. I jumped and it was the most fun thing in the whole world!
After we were done jumping off the bridge, we went back to the hotel and played pool football for a while until our parents called us to go back home.
I had so much fun that trip jumping off the bridge with my family and friends. Jumping off the bridge, both at night and the day, were for sure some of the highlights of my trip. I love the freedom I have in Mexico. Viva Mexico!

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