To Be On The Small Screen

October 6, 2008
By Kadeem Lundy, Brooklyn, NY

Many children have big dreams, of achieving fame and being on television. I too had that dream often. During this year my dream came true when I got to be apart of a live television studio audience.
I've always enjoyed watching the show 106 and Park on BET. I enjoyed seeing the different music videos, and the celebrities sitting on the couch giving interviews. But then I saw as the camera focused on the audience. I saw teenaged boys and girls smiling, and cheering as the camera focused on them in particular. From that moment I knew that was the place that I had to be at. But I was too young at the time and how to wait many years, anxiously until I was of age to get tickets to attend a taping of the show.
Finally I turned 17, and I was old enough to request tickets for the show. I remember it was a half day on a school night, and the ticket said the live show started taping at 6, but we had to be there at 4. So after school I headed home,put down my bag and headed to CBS studio in Manhattan to attend the taping.
When I got to the studio there was no lines to wait on, so I just walked in, and they asked me was I there for the show. I was like yes I am,but little did I know that I was to attend the taping for the following day's show. So I went into this small room, signed a release form,and they attached a white bracelet to my wrist.Then they took me up in the elevtor and into the studio.
The studio looked just like how it looked on tv, but a bit smaller. there were television cameras and big tv screens everywhere.So then the host of the show Terrence and Rocsi came out and the show began. During one of the commercial breaks towards the end of the show, one of the cameramen invited me and a few others to stand on stage. as I was standing on stage and took a glance at the big tv screen in the back, I saw my face as they were filming.
After the show was over we were led outside, and we were told we could stay for the live on air taping which was taking place later that evening. so I hopped on line and waited to go back inside. Then the process started all over again. One of my lifelong dreams has come true in deed.

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