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October 1, 2008
307 days until I got my cat, but who was counting? Well fine, I was but I was desperate! I had two dogs and so I figured if I got a cat then it would fix my obsession to canines. I asked my dad in august if I could have one for Christmas. He said no. Not until my birthday. I protested but he paid no mind to my begging. I couldn’t believe it. 10 months was just too long to wait. I asked him over and over and over again. The answer was always no.

Christmas came and when I woke, only only books greeted me. A great disappointment.

As the weeks dragged by, I wondered if my father would keep his promise. When May came slowly towards me, my energy level and anxiety grew stronger. The pestering of my father would never end until I got my cat. He was well aware so I was sure my cat would be waiting for me when my birthday finally came.

Sleep never found me the night before my birthday like it always did but this was a different kind of restlessness. The kind that shut all thoughts out except for the ones you wish was out of your head.

The next day at school, my nerves never calmed and once I got home I would not stay in one place for more then 10 seconds. After we finished the cake my present where placed in front of me. Nothing moved. There was no cat.

That night I cried myself to sleep. For 10 months, I had been waiting. Now, all my sleepless nights meant nothing. School ended and the lack of friend depressed me more. During late June, I when to Tennessee. On the way back home I was waiting in the airport and I got a phone call. My father had gotten the cat.

As soon as I got home, I ran to the door and bushed it aside. As soon as my foot touched the floor I yelled, “Where his he? Where is my Mr. kitty face?” Then I saw it. That little gray fluff on the couch has eyes, and they were focused on me. I felt a hot tear trickle down my cheek and I gently picked it up. It was lighter then I thought it would be and when I started petting it the purr was all I could hear. I didn’t know if it was just me blocking out all other sounds of if its purr was really that loud.

“Do you like him?” it wasn’t me blocking out the sound. It was like the small thing in my arms was a tiger instead of a tiny kitten.

I was speechless. I just looked at the big yellow-green eyes that were attached to the fluff that was supposedly a kitten. The eyes were intoxicating. I lost my breath for a few moments until I reminded myself to breath.

I never let go of him in the next few days. Whenever he saw me he would run up to me and rub against my leg. I decided his name would be Eyore, so we went and got him a collar with a gold heart shaped tag to go with it. When my sister came back from her trip she started calling him Mr. kitty face. My nanny started calling him Ooh-Rahh. The names stuck so now I call him all three.
After a week or two he started racing all around the house and wouldn’t let anyone pick him up unless he was super tired. Then he would crawl up on your lap and he wouldn’t stop purring and it you tried to read a book he would go in between your face and the book which made it impossible to read.
After another three weeks he had doubled in size. At least it seemed that way. He kept eating and eating. He never stopped. And after he ate he would have a burst of energy and race around and around in circles. On a rare occasion he would chase his tail. When he did chase his tail I could not contain my laughter.
Once he got tired of going around one way he would change directions.
During the summer my family and I wanted to go to Crater Lake but we couldn’t take my cat so we let my sisters mom, Christy, watch him. She has 5 cats plus 7 kittens she just found. With my kitty there she had 13 cats to look after. She didn’t mind but Eyore did. He had never been around other cats besides his mom and siblings but that was 3 months ago. He didn’t remember them. When Didi, Christy’s oldest cat, saw Eyore she started checking him out Eyore didn’t like that so he started growling and hissing at the kittens and Didi. When we came back Eyore had become friend with the kittens and all the other cats, except his mother. Ratty tail.

Eyore was born as a stray. He had a brother and a sister. Christy catches stray cats and gets them spayed and neutered. When she first saw the kittens she started trying to catch them and their mother. Christy caught Eyore and his mother last. It took him a few weeks to calm down after he was caught.

Eyore has calmed down a little but he is still very skittish. He keeps me up all night. He tries to climb up the curtains so I always have to get him down but he always climbs back up again.

Already I want another cat but my dad says no. He doesn’t think the family is ready but he is slowly giving in.

He is the best, and only, cat I have ever had is my life. He is not my dads’ favorite but he will get used to him. I hope

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