October 1, 2008
By Anonymous

Have you ever been to Switzerland?

Last year my mom, my dad, my sister and I took a twelve-hour plane flight to the icy Switzerland. We stayed in Emma Roses cottage-like house on the top of a hill the whole time and it was really cool.

Because of the time difference we were going to bed early and waking up early and since we didn’t have anything to do we just read so I finished about three books on those ten days. One day I went to bed at seven o’clock and my sister woke up at two o’clock, my mom woke up at two thirty and my dad and I woke up around one o’clock. In that one morning I read one hundred and fifty pages.
As I walked up the snowy mountain in a jacket so big I could hardly breath I could feely a cold breeze of wind exploding on my face. My sister was taking lessons on the other side of the mountain. It was her first time ever skiing. I followed the rest of the group up to the chairlift so I could have my lessons on the top. When we got to the chairlift they were the weirdest chairlifts I had ever seen. It was like a rope tow only it looked like a fishing hook. It had two curved ends so a person could ride up with the hook pushing them. When we got to the top some of the chairlifts were normal but most of them weren’t. POOF, I was lying in a mound of snow. I got up and shook the snow off of me from falling. After skiing for a while I noticed that at the bottom of every chairlift was a little bar that you could sit down and eat at. It was really nice because up on the mountain it was such good weather you could wear a t shirt some days unluckily we didn’t know that the first day.
One day we went to Geneva to go Christmas shopping because that was the big shopping place around but it was about a two and a half hour drive. Since it was a very religious place all of the shops were closed on Sunday which was the day we came. We planned to stay in a hotel and then wake up in the morning to go shopping but that really didn’t work because we forgot our passports. We had to drive for two and a half hours on a really curvy scary road on the side of a cliff all the way back when it was eleven o’clock and we were already going to bed early because of the time difference.
One night we ate dinner at a hotel called the “Castle Hotel” which was on the very top of a tall hill with a road up to it that spiraled around the hill and the hotel looked just like a castle. It had really good food and had a weird band playing. Almost every day we would sled down the hill and have snowball fights and we could always see the “Castle Hotel” and it looked really cool especially in the night with all of its lights on.

The plane ride back was not as long as the first but much worse. It was worse because we had to eat breakfast on the plane which I think was the worst food I have ever had.

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