October 1, 2008
By Xiao Pfohman, Protland, OR

“Can I hold him, please Robin.” Hello my name is Xiao, and this is my story of how I became an Aunt. It has changed my life and has changed millions of girl’s lives. I am a proud Aunt of 2 little boys. Their names are Eamon and Quill, and their parents Robin and Paul.

I remember the day Eamon was born they sent us pictures of him. He was so little. His birthday is April 20th and he’s about 2 and 1/2. Eamon’s little brother was even smaller then he was. Quill isn’t even 1 year old yet. Eamon and Quill are very close. Eamon has given his baby brother a nickname already; Baby-Q.

My nephews are both amazingly cute. There are a few memories that are very important to me. There was this time were I went up to Seattle to visit Robin, Paul, and Eamon. I stayed for a week. It was the week I had my birthday. There, I thought it would be fun to spend it away from home. I helped garden, and helped watch Eamon. It was nice. When I got home I got a call from Robin, it was Eamon. He had been saying my name a lot and that I was going on a train home.

This story is supposed to be about memories but I also believe that its about love. When you love someone as much as you would for your child or any child. It should feel like that happiest moment in your life. When I held both of my nephews for the first time it was breath taking, it was the most amazing feeling and I can’t wait to hold my child for the first time.
So names. Eamon wasn’t named after anybody. It was just like any other family that wants their children’s name to be unique. Eamon’s full name is Eamon Pierce Tegeanfelt-Pfohman. They had fussed over any of different names. Quill on the other hand was named after my brother and his death. Everyone had been grieving. Robin wanted her next child to be a remembrance of him. Quill’s full name is Quill Patrick Tegeanfelt-Pfohman.

Another time I had gone up to Seattle to help Robin, it was right after she gave birth to her second child. It was with her first week with a toddler and a new born. Paul was at work again, and Robin needed help. That was where I came in. I went up to occupy Eamon so Robin could get extra sleep, with feeding Quill. So Eamon and I would play, Robin would relax. It was still hard having a little baby to still handle. But at least she wasn’t alone. On the actual days we would go to parks, it was during the summer so we went to waiting pools.

On trips up to Seattle I normally take the train, or Robin would come down and we would plan to go up together in the car. I would come to help with the children in the back to calm them down or Robin would probably die with the kids in the back. Having to stop every 15 minutes or so.

It’s always very difficult to go up to Seattle. All the chaos, I am like a nanny when I am up there. Of course I am an Auntie. But it is really hard; I organize and make breakfast, lunch, and dinner for Eamon.

Eamon, just like a lot of other young boys is into trucks. He is very spoiled; he gets treats, and almost everything he wants. He fusses a lot. He gets jealous of his younger brother cause of the attention. But it’s going to be good for Eamon and Quill. Their going to have each other when they grow up they would have playmates. They won’t be alone; they would always have each other. It’s nice to have someone close that you can talk to about everything. I may have a huge family, but I am still the eight child. But I’m not that close to anyone in age, but I was so happy went Robin had Eamon, because it would be like having a younger brother.

So it’s nice to have a person close to you. I know what if feels like to be at the bottom of the family tree. It isn’t fun at all. You can get blamed for almost everything. Most of all you feel like you have no power. I would have to say that it really stinks. Going through all those years, having to follow in the shadow of your older siblings “foot steps.” When you go to parties and celebrations you’re normally called upon as the little sibling of your older sibling that climbed Mount Hood. You don’t have your own title. So what you need to do is follow that shadow until you reach a point were you can’t take it anymore and explode burst in to pieces, do something extraordinary that catch’s everyone’s focus.

Eamon has been to Mexico already. He has wondered many of the streets of Seattle. Has climbed every leader in every park. He’s splashed in every waiting pool. He liked being an only child getting all the attention so becoming and older brother is going to be an adjustment. But I think he’ll make through life and will be strong.

The author's comments:

I am from a big family. I have one pet, a dog. I love running. I am a people person. I'm funny. I am not Xiao from illinois. i am from China and was adopted. I love finding things about other people.
Much love,

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