October 1, 2008
By Erin Wynne, Portland, OR

Have you ever had a wild animal pee on your windshield while you were in the car? I did. In Africa. Well that’s another story. I should start from the beginning of my traveling life.

My first big trip was to Cape Town, South Africa. We had been going to Hawaii every spring break for a while, but then my parents announced that we were going to South Africa to visit my friend Elliott. Elliott and his family spend a few weeks in Cape Ton every winter, his grandparents live there. We had a lot of fun playing in the ocean and seeing all the animals. Some of those animals were boonta-bac, turtles penguins, monkeys, and there was even an ostrich farm. My favorite part was when we went to see the penguins, we tried to swim with them but they were too fast. The part I remember most about South Africa was that the last day I slipped and fell and got a nasty scrape on my knee I still have the scar today.

The next big trip I went on was to Costa Rica. We arrived at our first hotel in a small plane and we had to limit the weight of our bag. The Smiths arrived two days later. We had a lot of fun exploring the jungle and river, on our river tour a monkey almost pooped on out boat. After that we took another small plane to our second hotel where we went on the sky bridges. The third and last hotel was my favorite; we stayed in little houses with little private pools in the back. We got to enjoy the ocean and we had some nice spa time. On April fools day there were crabs everywhere. We went over to the bar, the crabs had broke into the garbage can, they also had knocked over the bin with all the bottles in it there was glass everywhere. Some crabs had also fallen into the pool; I wasn’t going in that day.

Last summer we went to France. We spent the fist few days in Paris. Then we went to a little town called the vason la romain (It means the place of the Romans) where we met up with the Smiths and our other friends the Omizos. We spent our time in the town, sight seeing and swimming in the pool that came with the house. We would go into the village and get croissants and other pastries at one of the local bakeries. After a week we all went our separate ways. We had three days to get back to Paris, stopped in two places the second was in the Alps we went up the mount blanc (White) in cable cars. When we got back to Paris we spent our last couple of days sightseeing. I think we covered just about everything.

Then as recently as spring break of 6th grade we went back to Africa, but this time to Tanzania. One of the highlights of the purposes of the trip was to visit the Skutts; we also hooked up with the Goodlets. We had a fun time touring the country. The first place we went on safari was to Sinya, we stayed in a tent camp. Next we went to Arusha national park where we cought up on our swimming and picked up the Skutts. Lake Manyara, where we stayed at the nogra gora farmhouse, on that safari my friend Livia got really sick so we had to go on without her. Sarengeti was during Easter we had a fun time while at the natooto lodge. My favorite place was next norgora gora crater. It was a steep ride down to the crater. Once we were in, we saw all the usually giraffes elephants, warthogs, hyenas zebras, gazelle and even some lions. Lions, right, that brings me back to what I was saying before. So here it goes, all the jeeps in the crater were stopped, there were three lions walking down the rode. The first two were faster, the last one, a male, was walking past our jeep we all rolled up our windows. When the lion got to the front of our jeep in stopped and peed right on windshield. No one believed us at first but the guide it was true so they kind of had to believe us. The last place we went was tarangrii; our last day in Tanzania was spent in the rain.

I’ve also been to other places like Hawaii, New York, Florida, Utah, and California. Even though I couldn’t spare every place I’ve been with you I think I pretty much covered it. N0ow you see I wasn’t lying about the whole lion peeing on my car thing.

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