October 1, 2008
As I ripped down the freeway with my bass on full easily fifty miles above the speed limit I noticed a little blip on my cars onboard screen. Cursing to my self silently I slammed my breaks on and turned down my speakers as I cruised through the speed trap. After I was two miles away from the radar I accelerated again.

My driving experience started when I was fifteen. I breezed through my multiple choice test and cruised through my driving test. I was elated and I got to drive my mom’s Toyota Highlander to school the next day.

Though a permit was cool a license was a thousand times better because I could drive by myself and get a car.

One year later I got to take my drivers education class which it turns out is a lot harder. This time the test had not only a multiple choice part but several essays. Though it was difficult I studied hard and did very well on the written test. After that was the actual driving test. I was really nervous because when ever I turned or slowed at a stop light the instructor wrote things frantically on his clip board.

It turned out I did really well and I passed by a large margin. I was really thrilled but I was most excited because I was going to be able to buy a car.

After I thought about what car I would get for a long time I decided on a Lotus. A Lotus is a custom car, which means you choose the basic model and customize it from there. I got a lime green Lotus with exterior speakers and hydraulics. It also has blue neon and an onboard computer. Its revolutionary V10 engine allows it a max speed of 275 miles per hour and it has a plexiglas cover over the engine so everyone could admire it.

I could drive it whenever I wanted and I was stoked. I didn’t ever get tickets and I got excellent mileage also I could go do laps on the old raceway.

I had an amazing first experience in driving and I will never forget the joy of driving for the first time.

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