October 1, 2008
I have a special friend, but she’s not a human. I dreamt of having a dog, It was a dream I had had since I was a little girl.

It all happened on a day in May.

“Mom I want to get a dog today,” I recall saying.

“No, not today but we can look,” she replied.
We drove to Cedar Hills Crossing to shop at their pet store, Scamps. The first thing I saw when I opened the door was the hair salon right next to Scamps. When I walked into Scamps all I heard was barking, lots of barking. Surprisingly Kiki was the only dog NOT barking, which surprises me now, because Kiki barks at everything. When I was there I had my mind set on a miniature pincher. The reason for that is because my aunt has a miniature pincher named Mini. I love mini, so I wanted a min-pin.

There were a few min-pins at Scamps, so I was happy. All I had in my mind was a dark brownish min-pin like my aunts. I asked the employee to get the miniature pincher out of its cage. The min pin was cute, but it was lacking something.

“Elizabeth, look at this dog”, my mom said from across the room. My mom was pointing to a small and fuzzy white dog.

“Its cute mom, but I want a min-pin,” I replied.

“Oh come on Elizabeth, this dog is so cute!!!” my mom urged.

“Fine, but I’m probably not going to like that dog,” I said.
My mom asked the same employee if I could see the dog, and of course he said yes. He opened up the kennel and held the small white dog in his arms and handed it to me. I walked into the play area with the dog. The dog gently nibbled at the edge of my dress, and immediately I knew I wanted that dog.
“Mom, can I please have the dog that you said was so cute?” I pleaded.
My mom said we would have to think about it over night. When we got home, I started to worry, what if someone else buys her before we go back to the store. I begged my mom to call Scamps back and put a hold on her. My mom finally gave in and called. The next day we went in to pick up Kiki.
Kiki will always be my favorite dog, and a big part of my family.

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