The day i cracked my head open

October 1, 2008
By Shervin Sabi, Portland, OR

The day I cracked my head open there was a babysitter at my house and she was going to take us to the park close to my house. I was about 7 years old. When I went to the park I was first playing on the play structure. Then I saw this hill, and this hill was a dirt hill. It had a lot of roots so you could easily trip and fall.

I went to go play on the hill because I was getting bored of going down the slide. I started climbing up the hill and my babysitter told me to get down because it was too dangerous so I went back down the hill. Then a couple of minutes later the babysitter had to show my brother to the bathroom. I thought that this was a perfect opportunity to go climb that hill so I did. I started climbing the hill and when I got to the top of the hill I saw there was more to discover. I started going to a different pathway. By then my babysitter had came back from showing my brother to the bathroom who was 5 years old. She couldn’t see me on the play structure and saw the top of my head at the top of the hill and screamed at me to get down. I didn’t want to come down but I knew I would have to because otherwise she would tell my mom. I compromised with her I just went a different way to get down off the hill.
I slipped on a root and went head first on the road. I felt the pain right away. My head felt like it was about to explode. When I put my hand to my head I felt blood all over my head. The only thing I can remember the babysitter say was “ Oh my god what did you do.”

I obviously had a huge cut on my head, so I immediately thought stitches. Since I didn’t what stitches I tried to cover up the cut and the blood on my hand. My babysitter was not much of a help because she just kept going on about how I told you not to climb the hill, which just made my head hurt even more. After a couple of minutes I just pretended like my head didn’t hurt anymore so I didn’t have to go the hospital. After that incident we went home. When I got home the babysitter wanted to look at my head but since I knew if she looked at my I would have to got to the hospital. So I convinced her that nothing was wrong and you didn’t have to look at it. About ten minutes later she came to sit next to me and saw blood on my head and then she told me that I know you have a cut on your head you don’t need to hide it. I just gave it up and she called my parents to meet us at the hospital. By the time we got to the hospital my parents were already there and worried because my mom had this accident with stitches that she told me about that got me scared about stitches.

When I went to my room for the doctor too look at my head I was really nervous. When the doctor got there he started moving my head in all these ways it felt like he was making the cut even bigger. When the doctor was moving my head it felt as bad as it did when I hit the road. Then the doctor told me I had to get stitches, it was not a surprise to me at all our to my family.

One of the things that I remember after I got my stitches was touching the stitches. One thing that I learned from cracking my head open was to be careful going down hills. Also don’t try to avoid going to the hospital because you really could be in trouble if you don’t.

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