Grouchy Ranchers

October 1, 2008
By Walker Andrews, Portland, OR

One week before we would go to Mexico over winter break. I was excided to get out of the cold rainy weather in Portland. I had already packed for one week It was going to be fun because it was also over my dads birthday.

Once we got on the plain I knew it would be a long time before we got there because we had to take two plains. After three boring hours of flying I figured we still had a two-hour drive. But once we got there the house was amazing It had three kayaks and a small pool the roof was all from palm trees. It only rained once but it didn’t get through the roof.

Three days in my sister and I decided we wanted to through him a surprised party so we told my mom and she agreed with the idea. So later that day she took us to he store to get stuff for my dad. The first store we went to was a piñata store there were about 20 piñatas but we picked the biggest one there. Next we went to a store to get candy for the piñata the only thing they had were jolly ranchers. They were also the bigger square type. The good thing is that my mom would let us get a lot of them. Now it was time to get presidents for him we went to one store that looked like it had some cool things in it and we got him a snake that was tied to a stick and when you rocked it, it looked like it was striking. We got him some other little gadgets other stores. We hid all the things in different places and made a map that he had to follow to get all his stuff and at the end he would come up to an X where we would drop the piñata down on him.
Once he found all the things he was headed to the x but he saw me on the porch of the little house with the piñata. It didn’t make it much worse but it was still bad. Once I dropped the piñata he grabbed one of the paddles making the x and started hitting the piñata after his second hit at the candy fell out and the party was over. Later that night the maids were cleaning the house and after cake I asked my mom to have a jolly rancher and she said yes. While I was sucking on it I accidently
slowed it and it got stuck in my throat.
All the sudden my eyes got big and it became hard to breath it was the worst feeling of my life. My mom ran over and asked what’s wrong I could barely talk and it was painful to talk I told her it was stuck in my throat. At the time I didn’t like soda but since my parents are doctors they told me it would expand my throat and it would slide through. It didn’t go through so I knew it would be a while before it would dissolve. To pass the time I wanted to play a game called “uno” which I was the champion of but it that very painful game I lost to my dad who later became the champion. After that game I ran to the sin and through up but It didn’t come out but then I through up again and it game out. Unfortunately it still felt like it was there since it had stretched my throat out. But I could talk again.
I the rest of that trip we just had a bull of jolly ranchers just sitting there. but since it was the last day of the trip we didn’t eat any more. We gave them to the
maids son who only speak Spanish but me my sister and mom all speak Spanish he thanked us and we left the next day.
When we got back home it was time fore school to start back up and instead or rain there was snow every where. That first day of school was really fun because school started late and we played in the snow and snow ball fights with the 8th graders. Also on that day one of my friends was handing out jolly ranchers but I couldn’t eat in remembering the last jolly rancher I ate. I haven’t eaten a jolly rancher since and I don’t think I ever will. I now refer to jolly ranchers as grouchy ranchers.
Getting a jolly rancher stuck in my throat was one of my worst experience of my life but it was also one of my favorite trips on my life. I hope that will never happen to me again or get anything else stuck in my throat.

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