what a trip

September 29, 2008
By adam hokit, Littleton, CO

Mountains, rivers, oceans, lakes, Seattle has it all. While my grandma and I were flying in to SETAC airport (Seattle, Tacoma) we got the best view of the breath taking mountain, Rainier. It was so close it was like I could reach out and touch the snowy peak of the 14,500 foot mountain. Just before we landed, another amazing sight, the space needle with the calm cool water of the Puget sound as a back drop.

The weather was a brisk 60 degrees with light showers, pretty average for the northwest. We flew Frontier air lines which was pretty nice. One thing I noticed once I got off of the plane was that almost every body had a Starbucks coffee. Well I guess that is what happens when the largest coffee franchise was based and started in Seattle. The more I saw of down town Seattle, the more I saw how modern it is. My uncle always says that the most beautiful cities he has ever been to were all up the west coast, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver.
Don’t get me started on the food, it is amazing. My aunt is a amazing cook. One night she made us barbeque chicken, then another some amazing grilled ribs. We also had steak and shrimp pasta. But one thing that can top my aunts cooking is the seafood at some of the restaurants. It is almost like they can go out and catch the food in there own back yard. They get all of there succulent seafood with in 48 hours of it be caught. Now that’s fresh.

I don’t think I saw one over weight person on that trip-every body exercises- they all climb mountains, run, swim, dragon boat, or play sports. During my Seattle adventure I got to climb a small mountain named Little Si. It is a 2000 foot ascent to the top taking approximately four hours to complete. These mountains are nothing like what we have in Colorado, instead of millions of pine trees covering the face of the mountains it is more like a rain forest. The trees are extravagant, they average about 200 feet tall and about 8 feet wide. Now a 2000 foot climb might seem like a lot but really if you think about it the mountains almost start at sea level. So this mountain was only 2000 feet tall. So if you were to jump from down town Denver to the peak of Little Si you would fall 3000 feet before hitting the top of the mountain. One thing that really bugged me was the humidity and the bugs. I got devoured by mosquitoes the size of dimes. The air was so moist that my skin felt sticky. The climb was worth it, because once we got to the top you could see everything-even down town Seattle. On the way back down I threw a rock of the edge of a 150 foot cliff, my aunt almost had a heart attack. Once we got back home we all collapsed on the couch and didn’t wake up until dinner. That night I couldn’t sleep knowing that tomorrow I would be going home. The mourning came and we got a ride back to the air port to be jetted home. We said our good byes and we hopped aboard the plane. I now I would miss Seattle but I also new that I would come back and my memories would last a life time.

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