Dont go to bed with a scio in your house

September 29, 2008
By Jessica Recker, Littleton, CO

One day I came home with my boyfriend Trevor. When we walked in the front door my parents were sitting on the couch looking at me with anger and rage.

They said “Jessica come and sit down we need to talk.” I sat down.
And I said “Now what did I do?”

They said “Jessica you need to stop spending money, and if you don’t stop we will have to cut you off and you will have to go get a job.”

Let’s go back so you can understand why my parents want me to stop spending money. Well I love to go shopping and I go shopping every day so I spend about nine hindered or more a day. My parents think that im irresponsible because im eighteen and I don’t work and I just like to have fun.

Were back to where they said I need to stop spending. I just left the house with anger and rage going all through my body. I went to go get some food and when I tried to use my credit card they told me that I had no more money left on it. I sped back home and started to yell at them. They looked at me sternly,

And said “Jessica its time to grow up, be responsible, and take consequences for my own actions.”

It was the next day so it was time, time to go find a Job. I went to go look and no place was hiring.

Then my dad called and said “Jessica I found a job for you.”

I asked with a shaky voice “Where do I work.”

He said “ you work for our neighbor, you will have to cook the meals for the kids, clean the house, take the kids to school and back, wake the kids up in time for school, take the kids to where they would like to go, and you will have to go school still, and keep your grades up. You will work for them for six months, and that means that you cannot go to anymore parties, no more hanging with your friends, and any more shopping or boys. Come home and pack.”

He hung up and then I headed home. When I got home they said that I only have an hour until I have to go. After I was done I went to go over to the neighbor’s house. I went over to there house and I took a deep breath and rang the door bell. My heart pounding feeling like it was going to come out of my chest.

I heard feet scrambling to the door and two little boys answered and I said “Are your parents home?”

They let me in and I went to go meet the parents. There names were Mrs. Terpenning and Mr.Terpenning. They called the kids down and there was Blake who was six, Cody who was eight, Justin who was nine, Max who was ten, and Evan who was twelve.

The parents wanted to talk to me and they told me everything that I had to they left, and then I was stuck with the boys. I had to make them dinner so I decided to make them pancakes, and then my phone rings and I go answer and I for got about them and the fire alarm went off. The fire fighters and saved everything but the food so I just gave the boys cereal and sent them off to bed. It was about ten in the evening and the door bell rang and I went to go answer it, and when I did no one was there. It happened a couple more times and no one was there so I feel asleep on the couch. I woke up with a horring sound of a kid screaming, so I went up stairs and when I was going up there, there was blood on the walls saying turn around and don’t come up here.

I went running down stairs and when I came down all the boys were lying on the table with blood poring off the table. The phone was gone and I ran to the neighbors, and told them to call the police. The police told me to stay out side until they get there. They came and went inside and they told me there was nothing wrong. I went inside and everything was cleaned up it was like it never happened. The police told me to go back to bed and get some sleep so I went inside and feel back asleep and never woke up again

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