What mask will you wear today?

September 26, 2008
By Sarah Heath, SPRING CITY, TN

It was hard for me to find out that I never really knew my own best friend. It wasn't my fault though, she wore a mask through-out our whole friendship. A mask that was once made of porcelain, but quickly changed to dried up play-dough -- it's cracks revealing the truth. I didn't like the real her; rude, degrading, disrespectful, two-faced. She didn't have the right to treat me like garbage, but maybe that's all I was to her, a disposable friend?

I realize more than ever now that deception is a dirty trick -- kind of like a mirage. Everything she portrayed was a lie, but the truth revealed itself and now there is nothing -- nothing left of the memories and nothing left of our friendship. The hurtful things she said behind my back filled the room with fire and burnt everything down, now ashes are all that remains. Ashes that still burn. I just have one question for my old friend, whoever she is today, who do you see when you glance into the mirror -- the person you are or the one you pretend to be?

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