Who I Am

September 26, 2008
By Britnee Derscheid, Kirklin, IN

People look at me and think I’m a tomboy (unless I’m at church, when I dress up for my boyfriend), since I’m standing there in just a short skirt (my religion)and an over-sized boy shirt. They just think I’m one of the guys. And I like to think I am-sometimes. But no, I’m not, not really. And no, I’m not a girly-girl either. My boyfriend says I’m a perfect mix of the two, but I say I have a really, really ultra-weird personality. Sure I can be all sweet and girly, if I want, and I can pull it off to make it look like I’m girly too. But I can also pull of the whole tomboy thing. I wear fitted girl clothes-sometimes. I wear girly shoes-sometimes. But other times I wear tennis shoes or go barefoot, and wear an oversized t-shirt and throw my hair in a ponytail. And then people think I’m a huge tomboy. I love sports. I’m pretty good at them too. I can tackle a boy my size, and probably one bigger. Though you wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at me, I’m pretty strong. But I can also be weak, and people would never know the difference. Sometimes people totally under-estimate my abilities, sports-wise and stuff. If I want too, I could smack a home-run in softball, slam that thing way over the fence. But I usually try to hit it in the outfield. Why? So when people see me, they won’t think of me as a big tomboy-but they won’t think of me as a wimpy little girl either. I play piano. I sing. I also play the acoustic bass guitar, and want to learn the guitar, and the alto sax. I’m learning the mandolin and the violin too. I draw. I paint. I read. I love school. I can be very dramatic. I write. I design. I talk on the phone. I email and I.M. I play volleyball, basketball, soccer, football, baseball, softball, tetherball (is that considered a sport yet? It should be.) And almost any other sport imaginable. I run. I rollerblade. I ice-skate. I do inline figure skating. I also love listening to and playing classical music.And reading the dictionary-one of my all-time favorite things to do to pass the time. I do gymnastics. And I do a lot of other things, too. I know, I’m really weird-but that’s just who I am.

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