A-Phil The Penguine

September 26, 2008
By Austin Phillips, Jonesboro, AR

Last year, during spring break our youth group took a trip to Disney World; it was an amazing experience for all of us. In one of the parks my friend Kyle S. bought a stuffed penguin named A-Phil (after yours truly of course).Every one thought it was so funny that he would take it around with him.
So one day we were taking a ferry to Downtown Disney. Kyle and Drew were just messing around when Jacob threw A-Phil to Kyle but he hit him out of the boat. So A-Phil was floating down the waterways all the time everybody in sheer shock from what had just had happened. Kyle was devastated because, he thought he would never get his penguin back again. After a while of driving down the river, A-Phil lazily floating behind us, we saw these two people come and pick A-Phil up and drive away Kyle was so mad that they would just take him and not even try to return it; until he saw them coming back to our boat. Everyone was ecstatic that they would have A-Phil back in their hands again they slowed down to get a better shot of making him to Kyle. As they threw him our boat moved couple of feet left and he fell short right beside the boat. We started to drive away when a patrol man saw that the people had lost A-Phil, so he went picked him up and took him back to the people that threw him. Everyone thought that he was coming to give back A-Phil to Kyle, but when he didn’t everyone was in complete shock. After a long ride to Downtown Disney we got off at the same time that the other people did. Kyle went up to the people and said “My Penguin”
After all that trouble A-Phil ended up in the fountain at the House Of Blues.

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