Ending Time

September 26, 2008
“Farwell cruel world” I have watched for years as time pass by. I saw the light fade from her eyes. Slowly but surely a death presses near. Fighting is useless, she knows she will lose. Yet she lies there and says nothing while we sit there and cry. Her color fades, her pulse no more than a whisper in the room. Sobs fill the air as a silent breath fills her lungs. We quiet to a murmur, waiting, watching. Her last appearance burned into our heads, but yet still suborn, she waits for death. For years she has struggled, now for hours she lie silent, alone, and afraid. She wishes it would come faster, yet life lingers a little longer. Thump……. Thump………. Thud. Her heart now slower than ever before, Tears weal up in our eyes as we watch this scene. Her will is strong, stronger than mine, but still we wait….. Her ending time.

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