my boyfriend

September 24, 2008
By kimberly moss, Jonesboro, AR

My boyfriends name is La’Vonyea. I love him so much some people have their opinions on what’s right and what’s wrong because he is black and I am white. That doesn’t matter to us because it’s just a color. Every time I am not around him I miss him so much. I am always thinking about him like 24/7. He makes me so happy and I can promise you that’s hard to do. I love to be around him, his eyes are gorgeous and his smile is to. One of the greatest things of all is that when something is wrong most of the time I can tell. It makes me feel good because I know it before he even says anything so he don’t even have to tell me. He is so sweet and nice. He plays football and he always gets hurt! But he loves it so I guess that’s okay. It’s what he likes to do. His favorite color is red. He used to be one of my really close friends last year and I guess he still is. So that’s the true story about my amazing boyfriend La’Vonyea.

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