Inestimable Life

September 17, 2008
By Jenn Slagus, Moscow, PA

Even when the dead are gone it's hard to hear or speak their name. Their life doesn't want to leave us. Their soul wishes to linger forever. They can't bear to part, neither can the living. Death may leave a body but it never leaves a soul. The soul is always with the one it loves most. Even though it isn't there to speak words of love to you, don't think it doesn't want to. All dead and living beings wish to connect. They wish to be together forever; although, it doesn't always happen like that. Death takes many things from a person: Love, compassion, friendship... Death takes more than that though. It also takes away the person you knew. The person who was with you through all the times good and bad; even if they weren't present they sure were there in spirit... As they are now...

The author's comments:
Inpiration for my writing came from real experiences. Pets of mine have died recently, and those of my friends. It really made me think about life itself.

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