Invisible for one day

September 24, 2008
It was someday in April, when I started to lose my color of skin and I was not feeling well. The next day I was pretty good and went to take my morning shower. When I got off the shower I was completely invisible, I was like a nice clean window I could see through my self. I was freaking out, because this thing had never happen to me, so I got of the bathroom. And I went screaming to my mom that I was transparent, an she said what ever go dress up for school. I would but the only thing you will be seeing are my clothes. She said quit playing around. I’m not playing around I said. So I put on my clothes and I went where she was and she passed out. And when she woke up I told her I’m not playing and she said I know but how can you be like a window? I said I don’t know. Well the whole day I was at home and I didn’t go to school the next day when I woke up I could see my self and I got ready for school and I had a great day and told everything to everybody.

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