Bullying Hurts No Matter Who You Are

September 24, 2008
By Hailey Smith, Jonesboro, AR

One time I witnessed someone being bullied, it was one of my classmates at school and there were two guys talking about him saying hurtful things about him like the way he looked, his clothes, and how he gets on their nerves. When I heard them talking about him I said that they need to leave him alone and to imagine if they were in his shoes, would you want someone or everyone to be picking on you like you’re doing to him, and that they need to apologize to him for the way they have been treating him. So they thought about and said you’re right and apologized to him then turned around and apologized to me and I said that it’s okay just be sure to not to do it again and if by chance they forgot and did it again remember to put their selves in that person’s shoes and ask their selves if I was that person would I want someone to be talking about me like that.

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