Chameleon Crisis

September 24, 2008
By Gage Allen, Jonesboro, AR

Invisibility does sound cool. Although, you try going to the bathroom when you can’t even see your pants! You see in a twist of fate, I was turned invisible, along with the clothes I was wearing, when a chemical explosion fused two chemicals on my skin pigment! This in turn gave me the chameleon effect, but all day. It may sound cool but, not knowing where your hand is to grab a doorknob is really weird! On the bright side, no pun intended, I can pull a ton of annoying pranks on my annoying little brother. Like today, I “secretly” tied a bucket of strawberry jelly, chocolate pudding, sprinkles, and whipped cream behind his bedroom door! Later he came to his room and when he opened the door, SPLAT!! He was covered in my whipped sundae pie! It was hilarious. Although, he did get kind of mad that it went down his shirt and pants. I may have gotten into trouble, but the sentencing was light considering my parent’s couldn’t stop laughing at his “new look”. So being invisible twenty-four seven isn’t all bad. But seriously, be super careful when trying to go to the bathroom, I wasn’t kidding before!

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