Another Life

September 24, 2008
By Matthew Tonymon, Jonesboro, AR

September 11, 2008, was probably the weirdest day of my life. I woke up feeling good but not like myself. I looked in the mirror and just about fainted. I saw a 30 year old man that had burns and cuts all along his face and body. I was terrified and then all of a sudden my mind threw me into a flashback.

Seven years ago my life was ended. I was in the terrorist attack on 9/11. I was on the eighty-eighth floor when the planes bombarded. That day was a tragic day in American history and will never be forgotten. This is the life of Joe Fisher.

That day seven years ago, I was working in my office talking to a young female about getting a job. My daughter was he friend, and she was job-shadowing me. I remember the look on her precious, innocent face when the attack happened. At 3:01 P.M. I looked out of the window to see the weirdest thing. There were planes that seemed to be flying at our luxurious skyscraper. They wouldn’t fly into us would they? Every yard they got closer my heart beat faster. When the plane was close enough for me to see the pilot, my heart jumped out of my chest. I screamed for Sarah to get under my desk, but it was too late. The planes smashed into the building at lightning speed. I yelled and yelled for Sarah but never heard her voice. All I could hear were screams and cries from desperate people. I sprinted for the door but the handle was burning. I took no time and threw the door open. I ran for the stairs but instead witnessed an inferno. I was trapped! I prayed for God to save us all but it was too late. My skin started frying, my eyes started burning, and my hair was scorching! My life was ended right then and there.

Do you ever think about the victims of 9/11? Do you ever think of the pain their families are going through? A few weeks ago was 9-11-08, seven years after the chaotic incident. This story was dedicated to the catastrophic disaster that happened to our country.

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