Momma's No-No

September 24, 2008
By Jacob Gibson, Jonesboro, AR

I can’t believe my mom didn’t show up till six o’clock yesterday! But what’s even worse is she didn’t even notify me. I am in charge of her consequences and they will be harsh.

The first punishment I’ll be dealing out is she will be forced to pay me 100 dollars, let me explain why. First of ten dollars for every hour I waited which was five hours, the other 50 is to make sure it never happens again. Now if she wants to go out she won’t have enough money to do a lot of things so she’ll have to stay home.

Next is that she is grounded for two weeks. This is a good idea because now I won’t have to pull my hair out wondering where she is. This will also give her time to think about the pain she put me, and our family through.

The final punishment is my mom will have to go to camp out in the woods for one week. All she will have is a tent, blanket, 40 dollars, matches, and a pillow. I know this will help because she can be alone and really find out who she really is.

All of these punishments are for a good cause and serve a purpose. This will show her that her family needs her. After all this I’m positive this will never happen again.

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