The Best Joke Ever

September 24, 2008
By Justine Sparks, Jonesboro, AR

The best practical joke I ever pulled was on last years April Fools day. My mom and brothers were staying in the women’s shelter where I live. There are many rules and one of them was no food or drinks in the bedrooms, but my mom liked to have midnight snacks. This actually almost got her in trouble one night. She had sneaked downstairs to get a box of cookies and didn’t know the Mrs. Mandy (the house mother) was in the living room. She heard my mom and started to come up the stairs after her but gat a crisis call and had to deal with that. So it was a big joke in the house after that about my mom almost getting caught with cookies. I decided to play a joke on her for April Fools day that year. I was going to frame her. I put a box of cookies under my shirt and sneaked up stairs to hide it in her pajama drawer. Then I went to Mrs. Mandy and told her my plan. I asked her to do a surprise room check (that’s where the staff checks the rooms to make sure nobody is breaking rules). She said she thought it was a great idea. So she announces to everybody about the room check. She gets through everybody’s rooms and finally to ours. My mom is on the bed reading when Mrs. Mandy says” Nicole I can’t believe it, why would you”. My mom says she doesn’t know what she is talking about. I was standing with my face in my hands not to hide embarrassment, but to hide my smile and laughter. She holds up the cookies and my mom swears they are not hers. Mrs. Mandy tells my mom she knows the consequences, she’ll have to take a strike (anther rule three “strikes” and your out). That’s when my mom looks at me and notices my shoulders shaking, she says “Justine”. I couldn’t help it and busted out laughing. I just could not keep a straight face, it was so funny. I stop and tell her everything about the joke and she laughs. She couldn’t believe she fell for it and neither could I. her face was the funniest part, because she was so surprised.

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